How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer for Your Mobile Cleaning Business

Mobile cleaning businesses offer a wide range of services such as industrial equipment and concrete patio cleaning. Depending on your business’s specific area of expertise, it is essential to have the support of a highly effective piece of equipment. By doing your research before buying a pressure washer, you will be able to offer high-quality cleaning services in your area using equipment such as Landa pressure washers.

Are you looking to buy or replace a pressure washer in order to take your business to the next level? The following are a few important tips that will help you select the right pressure washer for the job from our Ohio-based team at Crown Cleaning Systems.

Tips for Selecting a Pressure Washer in Ohio

  • Buy from a reputable brand

Investing in a pressure washer from a reputable brand is an excellent way to ensure great performance and minimize the need for repairs down the line. At Crown Cleaning Systems, Ohio business owners can find name-brand commercial pressure washers from trusted manufacturers such as Landa and Karcher. Landa pressure washers have received numerous awards for their cutting-edge design and eco-friendly initiatives, while Karcher has been recognized for their impressive fuel efficiency.

  • Choose an appropriate water temperature

Cleaning businesses have the option to buy either hot or cold water pressure washers, however, many people do not understand the difference between these models. While cold water will offer more of a gentle clean, hot water pressure washers are essential when you are dealing with grease, such as in the case of cleaning an automobile.

  • Pair your equipment with the right chemicals and accessories

While the model of your pressure washer is extremely important in achieving a sufficient clean, choosing the right accessories and washing chemicals for the job are other useful factors to consider. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals that can be used on various surfaces including Unique, Taginator, and many others. Shoppers can also pair their pressure washer with high-powered jet nozzles to fine-tune the flow of water.

  • Buy from a local dealer

Buying an expensive piece of equipment such as a pressure washer can be overwhelming when you buy directly from the manufacturer. By purchasing from a local dealer in Ohio like Crown Cleaning Systems, we will offer unbiased opinions on all of the products and brand names in our shop.

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Storing & Prepping Your Landa Pressure Washer During the Winter

With the winter and cold here, you need to know how to properly prepare and protect your Landa pressure washer from the freezing and colder temperatures. Without proper winter maintenance and preparation, a pressure washer can be seriously damaged and even break.

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we’re always here to provide guidance on equipment maintenance and more. So, follow these simple steps to make sure you and your pressure washer are ready for when the cold winter weather hits.

How to Store Your Washer

Ideally, you should try to keep your Landa pressure washer in a room or area that is heated. This will prevent any potential freezing of left-over water that still may be in your washer. Since water expands when it freezes, this can cause the pump and other parts to break.

While it may be tempting to leave it in an outside shed, cold winters like we get here in Cleveland will always bring freezing temperatures and cause potential issues for your machine.

Preparing Your Pressure Washer for Winter Hibernation

Piggybacking off the above tip, if you either don’t have a heated area for your washer or will not be using it over the winter, the first thing you should do is fill your float tank with antifreeze (once it is empty of course). Then take off the wand tip and continue to redistribute the antifreeze through your washer until there is nothing left in the tank.Doing this will ensure that your plumbing and pump do not freeze over the winter.

Check your oil levels and add any oil to the engine if needed. Be sure you also add a bit of fuel stabilizer and let the motor run for a few minutes. This will make running your engine in the summer or spring for the first time a bit easier.

Detach the gun and hose, and your Landa pressure washer is ready to hibernate over the winter months.

Landa Pressure Washer Dealers

Crown Cleaning Systems is proud to be your go-to Landa pressure washer dealers in Ohio. We carry top brands in cleaning equipment, rentals, parts, and accessories. If you’re looking for pressure washing chemicals, we also have you covered.

To learn more about our services and products, please contact us today and request your free quote.


How to Maintain your Karcher Pressure Washer

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems in Ohio wanted to offer this quick guide on how to properly maintain and care for your Karcher pressure washer.

Prior to Using

The first thing to remember is to always clean your Karcher pressure washer before every use. Debris can build up after each use, so this step is very important. Using a damp rag, also wipe and clean off your Karcher pressure washer parts like springs controls, cooling fins, the muffler, and even the pump and engine. Be certain you also check the pressure hose for any cracks or other damage that could cause leaks.

Another important part to check before use is the inlet screen. Always inspect and remove debris. If you encounter any damage to the screen, be sure to replace it.

Proper Storage During Winter

If you have any water leftover inside of your pressure washer, it can potentially freeze (over the winter) and damage your pump. You can find special pump antifreeze that is made to protect your pump and water from freezing during storage. Also, you can use RV antifreeze that is alcohol-free.

After removing your sparkplug, let the antifreeze cycle in the pump – you can then connect up the spark plug.

Checking the Oil

Just like with a car or lawnmower, your Karcher pressure washer motor will need oil changes. For most pressure washers, you will find a drain plug around the bottom of your unit. Never use oil that has detergent in it since it can cause issues with the pump. Only use SAE 30 oil (non-detergent). While with normal use you may not need to change the oil until the 500- hour mark, it is recommended to periodically check it for dirt, etc.


Whether you’re storing your washer over the winter or will not be using it, you have to release the pressure before storing it. Once you have allowed the motor to idle for about 5 minutes, set the throttle to the slow setting and shut it off as soon as the engine keeps a continuous speed. Then spray the remaining left-over water from your gun until all the pressure is released. You can then detach the gun and hose.

The hose and gun should not be disconnected until they have been depressurized in this manner.

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How to Troubleshoot the 4 Most Common Pressure Washer Problems

Pressure washers are some of the most effective pieces of cleaning equipment on the market, with the ability to blast away even the toughest residue from any surface. Unfortunately, these machines do not always run perfectly, and it can be extremely frustrating when issues arise.

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems is here to offer 30+ years of experience operating the best pressure washer repair shop in Ohio. Continue reading to learn how you can troubleshoot the top 4 most common pressure washer problems without the help of a professional.

Tips for Troubleshooting the Top 4 Pressure Washer Problems

  1. Abnormal water pressure

If your water pressure appears to be lower than normal or you notice changes in pressure while using the device, there may be a blockage in your garden hose caused by clogging of debris or a kinked tube. The pressure may also be too low because of the type of nozzle being used. Changes in pressure may be due to a damaged pump, which could require replacement parts.

  1. Leaks

If you notice a leak in either the pump, garden hose, or other attachments to your pressure washer, the solution could be as simple as tightening the connections and bolts at the point of leakage. If the problem persists, you may need to call an Ohio pressure washer repair shop to have a professional assess the damage.

  1. Gas engine problems

If you have a gas-powered pressure washer such as the Landa HD Gas Series model, you may run into problems such as low gas, oil drips, or dirty air filters. It is important to regularly clean the device and have the oil replaced in order for the engine to run properly. Operators should also ensure the choke is in the correct position before using the pressure washer.

  1. Electrical issues

If you own an electric-powered pressure washer such as the Karcher K5 Premium model, the motor may stop running properly if the voltage is set too low. It is also important to ensure the machine is plugged into a working electrical outlet. If the motor still does not run after checking these factors, you may need to return it for a new part.

When you rent or purchase a pressure washer from Crown Cleaning Systems, you have the full support of our experienced technicians at your disposal should any issues arise. Contact our pressure washer repair shop in Cleveland, Ohio today to learn more!

How to Select the Right Pressure Washer for Your Mobile Cleaning Business

Mobile cleaning businesses can vary in cleaning equipment and materials depending on the services they offer. If you own a mobile cleaning business, chances are you specialize in a specific type of offering such as truck or home exterior cleaning. In order to get a deep, professional clean, purchasing a pressure washer is imperative. However, it is important to know the different types of commercial pressure washers and find the right one for the surfaces you plan on cleaning.

If you are in the market for a pressure washer to compliment your mobile cleaning business, continue reading to learn everything you need to know from the experts at Crown Cleaning Systems before purchasing one of these powerful machines.

Tips for Selecting a Pressure Washer in Cleveland

Purchase from a reputable dealer

There are many advantages to purchasing a pressure washer from a certified local dealer. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer top-rated products such as Landa pressure washers in Cleveland with unsurpassed warranties on each individual part. Additionally, our technicians are well versed in Landa, Karcher, and other recognized brands, with over 30 years of experience troubleshooting problems. Having the expertise of a highly-regarded local dealer will take your cleaning services to the next level and secure your investment in one of these great machines.

Consider the material you are cleaning

If your cleaning business is responsible for clearing stuck-on grease or grime from large surfaces such as the exterior of a building, you may want to consider a hot water pressure washer. Conversely, cold water pressure washers are great for clearing away easily removable particles such as dirt or dust. Cleveland business owners can purchase Karcher or Landa pressure washers that utilize either cold or hot water from our knowledgeable team.

Be flexible with your offerings

If you are planning on investing money in an expensive piece of cleaning equipment, it is important to consider how your business may change in the coming years and whether your equipment will work for additional services you may offer in the future. A great way to ensure your pressure washer is useful for a range of services is to buy from a brand that is compatible with various accessories and attachments. Landa pressure washers are Cleveland’s top choice for compatibility with a variety of parts and accessories.

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Understanding the Best Pressure Washing Chemicals & Solutions to Use

Pressure washing, when done correctly and with the right commercial pressure washer, can prove to be an extremely effective cleaning method that can be utilized to clean a variety of different surfaces and materials. However, understanding and using the best pressure washing chemicals and solutions for your needs is just as important.

So, in order to help your business looking as clean as possible, we’ve made this quick guide that outlines the different cleaning options you have, and which will be best for you.

Soap or Detergent?

Technically, soap can be categorized as a detergent. With that being said, the big difference is that soap utilizes natural ingredients from animals and plants such as fat and oil that are then combined with glycerol and salt to create soap. Soap and water are a great combo that can fight and dissolve dirt and stains during the cleaning process. Conversely, most detergents are created using chemicals, as opposed to only fat and oils like with soap.

When to Use Soap vs. Detergent

Soap can sometimes be easier to manage since it can run down drains safely, but, be aware that if you are using untreated water, you cannot use pressure washer soap since it will create a certain calcium leftover on your surface. With detergents, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Also, detergents can prove to be much more effective on concrete and wood surfaces.

Often times both detergent and soap will be blended for a pressure washing chemical that can yield the best results.

What Do I Need?

For commercial and industrial applications and continuous use, you will need to purchase the best in pressure washing chemicals and then complete the mixing process. The reason being that in large and bulk quantities, you will save a lot of money in the long run when compared to buying induvial pre-mixed solutions that your local hardware store carries. Those pressure washing solutions are focused specifically for residential and infrequent use.

Get the Best Pressure Washing Chemicals from Crown Cleaning Systems

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we have the commercial and industrial pressure washing chemicals you need. Not only do we stock the best in the industry, all our pressure washing chemicals are biodegradable and butyl-free, which means they are safe to use.

Contact us today for the best pressure washing chemicals and cleaning products available.

Four Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are a great way to keep cozy and have been used for generations on job sites, and for large areas and other places warm. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer a full range of Val6 infrared heaters in Cleveland. Here are some reasons to invest and use one of our systems.

Why You Should Use an Infrared Heater

  • Energy-Efficient & Quiet

Unlike some other heating systems, infrared systems actually warm people or other objects, as opposed to simply blowing hot air. This action is similar to how the sun works and it will not make the air drier and is much more cost-efficient when compared to other options.

Since there are no air-source heat pumps like in some other heating options, infrared systems create little to no noise since nothing needs to be pumped out.

  • Very Safe

These heaters can be used almost anywhere, from worksites to farms to large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. One of the reasons they are so versatile is because they are so safe to use in any environment. . Also, the infrared rays that are emitted by them are very low, making them safe for daily use.

  • Easy to Use & Maintain

Since the heaters are just plug-and-go, they are very easy to operate and move easily from jobsite to jobsite. They are also easy to maintain due to their efficiency. They even come with a tune up kit. Another great aspect is the fact that they don’t use air filters that would need regular cleaning and replacement.

Basically, one thing that would need to be cleaned is the fuel nozzle and fuel filter, and our team at Crown Cleaning Systems can always help if you are unsure about this or any other process.

  • Val6 Infrared Technology

Thanks to their patented and exclusive technology, Crown Cleaning Systems’ some of our Val6 heaters can run inside without having to connect an exhaust like one would have to do when operating a traditional gas heater. With a range of models, Val6 has a heater for every use and job site.

Crown Cleaning Systems in Cleveland

For more information about infrared heaters in Cleveland and commercial cleaning equipment, please contact our team today.

Get Outdoor Cleaning Done Right with A Karcher Pressure Washer

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we know how tough it can be to properly clean outdoor areas, stains, and more. Finding the right equipment and products can a big task when tackling outdoor cleaning projects. That’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to carry a variety of both commercial and industrial Karcher pressure washers in Ohio.

Here are some benefits and information about why owning a Karcher is vital for properly cleaning those difficult areas.

Easy to Use & Eco-Friendly

While Karcher pressure washers use the latest technology and power, they are surprisingly easy to operate, making them a very popular choice. Besides their ease of use, these washers are a great eco-friendly solution for those looking for industrial power, without the energy waste. The hot water pressure washer classic series by Karcher utilizes up to 25% less fuel compared to other standard washers.

What Can They Be Used For?

Karcher’s can be used for a wide variety of cleaning tasks and large-scale projects as well. They are ideal for washing big patios, industrial spaces, boats, automobiles, machines, siding, buildings, and even hard to reach areas like gutters. Some models include an assortment of different accessories and tools that can be used for specific tasks and more involved cleaning jobs.

Accessories for Every Job

Such models as the HD 1.8/13 Ed include a Heavy Duty motor pump combo  that is capable of delivering 108 Gallons every hour, and also includes a Karcher-EasyFORCE! Gun and wand, a Triple Jet Nozzle Capable of apply a safe detergent to clean effectively. The accessories all connect easily without the use of tools

The Karcher EasyFORCE! gun provides the user with control and lessen operator fatigue with it’s patented design.  Our Stainless Steel wand is capable of pivoting 360 degrees making it easy to get in some tough spots to reach. The Triple Jet nozzle can be effortlessly adjusted to control the power of the washer and is perfect for tough stains and marks you want to get rid of.

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Since 1986, Crown Cleaning Systems has been Ohio’s go-to for commercial and industrial cleaning solutions and products. Not only do we offer the latest in products and the top brands, our team even offers training and safety regarding our products and can help train your staff so they can properly and safely operate our products.

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Do You Need to Order Replacement Pressure Washer Parts?

If you suspect that you may need replacement pressure washer parts, there are a few important things that you should know before purchasing them from top brands in Ohio such as Karcher or Landa. Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems is dedicated to offering the best power washer repair parts near you.

Below we have prepared a few important pieces of information regarding pressure washer replacement parts, that all power washer owners should know.

How to Know if You Need Pressure Washer Repair Parts

1. Know your pressure washer model

Before looking into pressure washer parts, it is important to identify the particular model number of your machine and communicate it to pressure washer repair experts. At Crown Cleaning Systems, our technicians are well versed in all major power washer brands and boast over 25 years of experience replacing parts and adding accessories to these machines. Depending on the brand of your pressure washer, you will need specific parts for it to run properly. You will also need to communicate whether you have a gas or electric machine so that you do not wind up with the wrong parts.

2. Check the ON/OFF switch

If you are experiencing problems with your power washer and it is failing to power on, check to ensure that the ON/OFF switch is switched on. All pressure washers should also have a reset button, which should be your next option after checking to make sure the machine is on. If these buttons are not working, you may need to have them replaced by a professional.

3. Check your circuit breaker

If your pressure washer is not working properly, it is not necessarily an issue with the pressure washer itself. Before searching for replacement pressure washer parts in Ohio, check your circuit breaker to ensure it is properly engaged and you are not having an electrical problem. If this is the case, you may need to disconnect your power washer and contact an electrician. For a temporary solution, we offer mobile pressure washers and rental equipment.

4. Make sure the system is not clogged

If your pressure washer is clogged with wastewater, Crown Cleaning Systems offers a top-rated water filtration system that will clear the entire system out. You may also want to look for alternative pressure washing chemicals for future cleaning jobs.

If you are looking to order replacement pressure washer parts in Ohio, contact us today!

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washing Chemicals

If you are new to using a pressure washer, you may not be aware of the variety of pressure washing chemicals available and the various purposes that they serve. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we sell a range of high-quality pressure washing cleaning chemicals from reputable brands. Learn a few details about some of our top selling pressure washing chemicals listed below.

Pressure Washing Chemicals


Dyna-Shine is our best-selling product for truck owners and professional cleaners. This product is highly effective for aluminum and painted surfaces, leaving vehicles with a noticeable shine and gently removing dirt, grime, and grease.


Unique is a great industrial-level cleaning agent for heavy machinery. If you work in construction and you are looking to freshen up your equipment or you own a large trailer, this could be the perfect option for you.

High Image

High Image is our most popular pressure washing chemical for regular vehicles. This product will protect delicate paint jobs while removing a buildup of dirt and grime. High image also protects metal surfaces against an accumulation of rust.


Force is a favorite for those working in the food industry. This product is non-toxic, making it a perfect choice for cleaning areas where food is stored or prepared. If you work in a professional kitchen, we also recommend using an industrial floor cleaner to maintain a pristine work area.

Taginator and Tagaway

These two excellent pressure washing chemicals are perfect for removing graffiti, pen, and marker from brick walls or smooth surfaces. These products are great to have on hand if you are a business owner looking to maintain a fresh appearance. Jet nozzles will allow you to target specific areas that have been vandalized.


Strike is one of the most powerful pressure washing cleaning chemicals on the market. This is a highly corrosive substance, meaning non-professional cleaners should approach this product with extreme caution. We recommend using this product for the toughest residue and stains only. We offer a range of parts and accessories for better precision while using toxic cleaning chemicals.

View our full selection of powerful pressure washing chemicals today to explore other great options. We offer pressure washers from popular name brands including Karcher and Landa. Contact us today for more information or to inquire about our pressure washer repair services in Cleveland.