Pressure Washer Mistakes to Keep in Mind

After putting so much effort into finding the perfect pressure washer, it’s easy to forget that repairs and maintenance are just as important. Even the most top-of-the-line model can experience wear and tear, and our pressure washer repair shop team knows this all too well. If you want to minimize the money you spend on repairs and keep your washer running well into the future, there are a few mistakes that you need to understand to avoid falling victim to them.


Using Only Water


Many homeowners make the mistake of not using any chemicals to help the pressure washing process. Although water might seem like an environmentally friendly choice, it comes with many downsides. For example, it will make some areas exponentially harder to clean, increase the amount of pressure needed to clean, and spread mold spores that continue to grow even after everything dries out.


Not Starting It Regularly


Although pressure washers aren’t used often, they’re invaluable when they’re needed. For this reason, it’s important to give yours some attention between jobs to keep it in use. Instead of letting it sit in your garage collecting dust, make it a habit of starting it up every few weeks, especially during the winter. Make sure you re-winterize the unit if starting using in the winter to prevent freeze damage.  This will minimize the number of times you need to bring it to a pressure washer repair shop.


Ignoring Regular Maintenance


In addition to starting it up, general maintenance is crucial for keeping your pressure washer in peak shape during long periods when it’s not needed. Remember: this is an internal combustion engine, which requires regular maintenance to perform optimally.


Be sure to check…


  • Oil
  • Spark plugs
  • Filters


Using Old Gas


Never run your pressure washer when it’s filled with old gas that has been sitting in the tank for years. Although you might think you’ll save money by using every last drop, this is a great way to destroy your engine via old, separated gasoline.


Crown Cleaning Systems Can Help


If you’re ever unsure about the state of your washer, want an expert opinion, or just don’t have the time to conduct repairs yourself, seek out a reputable repair shop.  Even an occasional trip can save you tons of money on things like Landa pressure washers and Karcher pressure washer parts. Regardless of what you need, always remember to give your model the much-needed attention it deserves.


With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to offering top-of-the-line commercial and industrial pressure washers, our pressure washer repair shop team at Crown Cleaning Systems knows how to keep your machine working. As authorized dealers of leading manufacturers with a focus on customer service, we’ll ensure that you get what you need.


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