The Many Benefits of Landa Pressure Washers

In order to ensure the swift and comprehensive cleaning of their industrial equipment and flooring, many firms are now turning to the highest quality pressure washers in the marketplace. In our latest post, we’re explaining more about the benefits that Landa pressure washers can bring to your facility.

Precise control

Complex cleaning work requires the operator to maintain precise control over the pressure washer. The latest Landa pressure washers are built with wireless remote control of the system within 300 feet, ensuring that teams retain complete control over their unit.

Comprehensive safety

Each Landa pressure washer is built with comprehensive safety features to ensure issues with electrical performance and other hazards don’t impact the facility and the operator. The company has won awards for the level of safety provided by its high-performance equipment.

Built to UL-1776

Because the team at Landa commits to the UL-1776 standard within their manufacturing work, customers can rest assured each system is designed for safe and consistent performance within their facility. It’s the level of professional consistency that has helped Landa become one of the leading brands in the marketplace over many decades.

Designed for durability

One of the leading challenges many companies face in using industrial pressure washers is longevity. The team at Landa has worked tirelessly to overcome this challenge and provide some of the most durable pressure washers in the marketplace today. One innovation within Landa pressure washers is the company’s Cool Bypass system, which is designed to route superheated water to avoid pump damage and ensure the system remains in peak condition for the years to come.

Work with Crown Cleaning Systems for the latest Landa products

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems offers a full range of Landa pressure washers for sale. We work with Landa to ensure our clients are supported over the long-term, providing authorized maintenance services and repair work within a consolidated timeframe. We’re available around the clock to guide you in answering your pressure washer questions and choose the right equipment for your facility. To discover more about Landa pressure washers and their benefits, call today.