The Difference in Performance Between the Best Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Chemicals

When considering how to clean your company’s equipment and facility, you generally have two options: soft washing and pressure washing. Learning the difference between the two options can help you maintain your facility more effectively.

Let’s explore the differences between the best pressure washing chemicals and soft washing options.

Pressure washing uses power

One of the key differences between pressure washing and soft washing chemicals is that pressure washing applications use power to remove the dirt and grime from machinery and other surfaces. The pressure washing system pumps out water at up-to 4000 PSI, which ensures that dirt and other contaminants lodged in the machinery can be removed through sheer force. This is ideal for applications in which dirt has been allowed to settle over many months or even years. The best pressure washing chemicals and machinery are often used to clean surfaces in an industrial facility, as a way to ensure that there are no safety hazards in the surrounding area for workers to slip or trip on.

Soft washing uses chemicals to clean the surface

Another key difference is in the application of the chemicals within the best pressure washing and soft washing applications. In soft washing processes, it’s the chemicals that take on the brunt of the cleaning work. Soft washing chemicals are used to deep clean surfaces and to eradicate bacteria and other contaminants to ensure the workplace is clean. While this might not be effective when cleaning heavy machinery, it may be suitable for more delicate processes such as cleaning tools or working with newer technology that has a specialized cleaning requirement.

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