The Best Cleaning Chemicals for Commercial Pressure Washers

Even top-of-the-line pressure washers require the right chemicals to clean properly. Depending on the task at hand, commercial pressure washer operators will select various cleaning solutions such as degreasers, gentle dirt removers, and others. With so many pressure washer chemicals to choose from, you may be wondering which of these solutions are best.

Our professional cleaners at Crown Cleaning Systems are well-versed in a wide range of cleaning chemicals. Continue reading to view our recommendations for commercial pressure washer chemicals.

Best Commercial Pressure Washer Chemicals for Various Tasks

High Image: Best for treated surfaces

High Image is a pressure washer chemical that is commonly used for delicate surfaces that are easily compromised by harsh chemicals. Our team often uses this chemical for treated and metal surfaces. Metal surfaces in particular benefit from this product’s rust inhibitors.

Unique: Best for tough vehicular cleaning

Unique is commonly used to clean large vehicles such as transport trucks. The chemicals in this solution provide an aggressive clean, which is great for graffiti removal, along with other stuck-on residue. Commercial pressure washer users should, however, use this cleaning product with caution as it is one of the most powerful chemical solutions available.

Force: Best for degreasing

Many of our customers at Crown Cleaning Systems come to us to find an effective commercial kitchen cleaning solution. Unfortunately, many pressure washer chemicals can be incredibly harmful if they are used in a food preparation facility. For this reason, we recommend products like Force, which is an effective, non-toxic degreasing solution.

Rinse & Wax: Best for an attractive finish

One of the best things about cleaning with a pressure washer is the pristine result. If you are using a commercial pressure washer on decorative objects or vehicles, we recommend using Rinse & Wax for a glossy finish. The product is made with style in mind, as it cleans surfaces effectively without leaving unsightly water spots behind.

Dyna-Shine: Best for commercial vehicles

While many pressure washer chemicals offer degreasing power and safe usage for vehicles, Dyna-Shine is recognized as one of the best truck-cleaning solutions on the market. The product cleans, brightens, degreases, and leaves a beautiful shine.

Crown Cleaning Systems

With the right chemicals, your pressure washer should be able to remove practically any unwanted residue. The aforementioned chemicals are just a few of the cleaning solutions we use at Crown Cleaning Systems. To learn more about our diverse selection of pressure washer chemicals, contact us today!