Understanding the Best Pressure Washing Chemicals & Solutions to Use

Pressure washing, when done correctly and with the right commercial pressure washer, can prove to be an extremely effective cleaning method that can be utilized to clean a variety of different surfaces and materials. However, understanding and using the best pressure washing chemicals and solutions for your needs is just as important.

So, in order to help your business looking as clean as possible, we’ve made this quick guide that outlines the different cleaning options you have, and which will be best for you.

Soap or Detergent?

Technically, soap can be categorized as a detergent. With that being said, the big difference is that soap utilizes natural ingredients from animals and plants such as fat and oil that are then combined with glycerol and salt to create soap. Soap and water are a great combo that can fight and dissolve dirt and stains during the cleaning process. Conversely, most detergents are created using chemicals, as opposed to only fat and oils like with soap.

When to Use Soap vs. Detergent

Soap can sometimes be easier to manage since it can run down drains safely, but, be aware that if you are using untreated water, you cannot use pressure washer soap since it will create a certain calcium leftover on your surface. With detergents, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Also, detergents can prove to be much more effective on concrete and wood surfaces.

Often times both detergent and soap will be blended for a pressure washing chemical that can yield the best results.

What Do I Need?

For commercial and industrial applications and continuous use, you will need to purchase the best in pressure washing chemicals and then complete the mixing process. The reason being that in large and bulk quantities, you will save a lot of money in the long run when compared to buying induvial pre-mixed solutions that your local hardware store carries. Those pressure washing solutions are focused specifically for residential and infrequent use.

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