Do You Need to Order Replacement Pressure Washer Parts?

If you suspect that you may need replacement pressure washer parts, there are a few important things that you should know before purchasing them from top brands in Ohio such as Karcher or Landa. Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems is dedicated to offering the best power washer repair parts near you.

Below we have prepared a few important pieces of information regarding pressure washer replacement parts, that all power washer owners should know.

How to Know if You Need Pressure Washer Repair Parts

1. Know your pressure washer model

Before looking into pressure washer parts, it is important to identify the particular model number of your machine and communicate it to pressure washer repair experts. At Crown Cleaning Systems, our technicians are well versed in all major power washer brands and boast over 25 years of experience replacing parts and adding accessories to these machines. Depending on the brand of your pressure washer, you will need specific parts for it to run properly. You will also need to communicate whether you have a gas or electric machine so that you do not wind up with the wrong parts.

2. Check the ON/OFF switch

If you are experiencing problems with your power washer and it is failing to power on, check to ensure that the ON/OFF switch is switched on. All pressure washers should also have a reset button, which should be your next option after checking to make sure the machine is on. If these buttons are not working, you may need to have them replaced by a professional.

3. Check your circuit breaker

If your pressure washer is not working properly, it is not necessarily an issue with the pressure washer itself. Before searching for replacement pressure washer parts in Ohio, check your circuit breaker to ensure it is properly engaged and you are not having an electrical problem. If this is the case, you may need to disconnect your power washer and contact an electrician. For a temporary solution, we offer mobile pressure washers and rental equipment.

4. Make sure the system is not clogged

If your pressure washer is clogged with wastewater, Crown Cleaning Systems offers a top-rated water filtration system that will clear the entire system out. You may also want to look for alternative pressure washing chemicals for future cleaning jobs.

If you are looking to order replacement pressure washer parts in Ohio, contact us today!

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washing Chemicals

If you are new to using a pressure washer, you may not be aware of the variety of pressure washing chemicals available and the various purposes that they serve. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we sell a range of high-quality pressure washing cleaning chemicals from reputable brands. Learn a few details about some of our top selling pressure washing chemicals listed below.

Pressure Washing Chemicals


Dyna-Shine is our best-selling product for truck owners and professional cleaners. This product is highly effective for aluminum and painted surfaces, leaving vehicles with a noticeable shine and gently removing dirt, grime, and grease.


Unique is a great industrial-level cleaning agent for heavy machinery. If you work in construction and you are looking to freshen up your equipment or you own a large trailer, this could be the perfect option for you.

High Image

High Image is our most popular pressure washing chemical for regular vehicles. This product will protect delicate paint jobs while removing a buildup of dirt and grime. High image also protects metal surfaces against an accumulation of rust.


Force is a favorite for those working in the food industry. This product is non-toxic, making it a perfect choice for cleaning areas where food is stored or prepared. If you work in a professional kitchen, we also recommend using an industrial floor cleaner to maintain a pristine work area.

Taginator and Tagaway

These two excellent pressure washing chemicals are perfect for removing graffiti, pen, and marker from brick walls or smooth surfaces. These products are great to have on hand if you are a business owner looking to maintain a fresh appearance. Jet nozzles will allow you to target specific areas that have been vandalized.


Strike is one of the most powerful pressure washing cleaning chemicals on the market. This is a highly corrosive substance, meaning non-professional cleaners should approach this product with extreme caution. We recommend using this product for the toughest residue and stains only. We offer a range of parts and accessories for better precision while using toxic cleaning chemicals.

View our full selection of powerful pressure washing chemicals today to explore other great options. We offer pressure washers from popular name brands including Karcher and Landa. Contact us today for more information or to inquire about our pressure washer repair services in Cleveland.

The Effectiveness of Pressure Washers and How to Maximize Their Usage

Pressure washers are an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of cleaning tools. These powerful machines will remove stuck-on dirt, grime and other residue from any surface with minimal effort from the operator. There are a few things that you can do however, to maximize the potential of your pressure washer’s cleaning power.

Continue reading to learn a few helpful tips from our pressure washer cleaning experts at Crown Cleaning Systems.

Four Tips for Using Your Pressure Washer

  • Customize your pressure washer with parts and accessories

One of the great advantages of owning or renting a pressure washer is that it can be tailored to your needs with a range of unique parts and accessories. If you are planning on cleaning a variety of surfaces that range in fragility such as a bicycle and a paved driveway, you may benefit from a Karcher triple jet nozzle, which will allow you to adjust the pressure of the water coming out of your pressure washer. If you are cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as your gutters, you may want to purchase an extension wand for easier access.

  • Invest in a pressure washer from a reputable brand

Pressure washers can be expensive for the average homeowner or small business owner. If you plan on investing in one of these machines, it is always best to opt for a reputable make such as Karcher or Landa pressure washers. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer top brands that you can rely on at affordable prices. We are also the leading pressure washer repair shop in Cleveland, offering over 30 years of experience working with these cutting-edge machines from the brands you love.

  • Look into reclamation systems

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer an environmentally-friendly reclamation system, which will allow you to remove the wastewater from your pressure washer via leading filtration techniques. This will significantly increase your productivity and lower your overall operational costs.

  • Stay on top of repairs

Regardless of the brand, cost, and capability of your pressure washer, all machines are susceptible to damages and should be maintained in order to ensure a fully functioning cleaning device. At our Cleveland pressure washer repair shop, our technicians will take care of all of your repairs at an affordable price.

Contact Crown Cleaning Systems today to learn more about our Karcher, Landa and other name brand pressure washers as well as our excellent repair services.

4 Ways That Commercial Pressure Washing Can Increase Sales

There is nothing like a dirty entrance to drive customers away from your business. While it is important to keep the inside of your commercial space tidy, business owners should be looking at the appearance of their entire property in order to get customers through the door.

Crown Cleaning Systems has helped countless Cleveland business owners tidy up the outside of their commercial buildings with pressure washer sales, rentals and repairs. Continue reading for four foolproof ways to increase sales with this high-powered cleaning solution.

4 Reasons Why Pressure Washing Improves Sales

1. An inviting appearance

A buildup of dirt and grime can easily make a paved walkway, a set of steps or a brick building exterior look dreary and uninviting. There is no better way to attract new customers to your shop than to keep the outside of your business looking fresh with a powerful dirt-removing pressure washer. This will also send a message to onlookers that the interior of your business is clean and well taken care of.

2. Help maintain the building

Staying on top of cleaning with a commercial pressure washer is a great way to keep your Cleveland shop in good condition and avoid costly repairs. When a building is affected by a serious buildup of residue, it can impact the integrity of the structure by expanding cracks and holes in various parts of the building. This could mean thousands of dollars in repairs that could be easily avoided by using a pressure washer from a reputable brand such as Karcher or Landa.

3. Take your business advertisements to the next level

Adjustable pressure washing accessories such as Karcher triple jet nozzles and safe cleaning chemicals like High Image allow business owners to clean even the most delicate signage on a commercial building. Cleaning up your advertisements will make them look brand new, encouraging customers to check out the products or services that you have to offer.

4. Protect your staff

Many business owners focus on sanitizing the inside of their business to keep employees from getting sick. However, with employees coming in and out of the building daily, it is equally as important to keep the exterior of your business clean to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Crown Cleaning Systems

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Your Guide to Purchasing a Pressure Washer in Ohio

Whether you own a business or you are looking for a powerful cleaning tool to freshen up the look of your home, a pressure washer is a great option for removing stubborn dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces. There are, however, a few things that buyers should know before committing to a pressure washer, as these powerful pieces of equipment are fairly expensive, and they can seriously vary in capabilities depending on the model.

At Ohio’s Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer an array of pressure washers and parts from top brands like Karcher and Landa. Below we have provided a few valuable pieces of information for those looking into buying a pressure washer for the first time.

Tips for Buying a Pressure Washer

Know the difference between electric and petrol models

Before purchasing a pressure washer, it is important to be realistic about how often you will use it and for what purpose. While most homeowners can get all of the functions they need out of a lightweight, quiet electrical power washer; business owners or those with large properties may want to consider a more heavy-duty, cordless petrol or trailer pressure washer. For the occasional large pressure washing job, you may also want to consider utilizing a short-term, mobile pressure washer system or renting a petrol-powered model for the day.

Determine the PSI that you require

Before shopping for a pressure washer, we recommend writing down the PSI that you require for the jobs that you plan on completing with your pressure washer. PSI stands for ‘pounds per square inch,’ and is used to measure the amount of water, which comes out of your pressure washer. If you plan on washing fragile items such as cars or bicycles, opt for a pressure washer with a PSI under 1500. For pavement, fences and other relatively tough materials, buyers should look for a PSI well over 1500.

Use accessories and attachments to complete specific jobs

Whether you require an infrared heater to keep you warm during a large-scale cleaning project, or a jet nozzle to clean concentrated areas of dirt and grime, accessories and parts by top pressure washer brands in Ohio such as Karcher are a great way to make the most out of your pressure washer.

From pressure washer parts to repair services, Crown Cleaning Systems is here for all of your cleaning needs! Contact us today for more information about our excellent products and services in Ohio.