Four Power Washer Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

If you’ve been running a power washer for a while, it may start getting a bit finicky. Any piece of machinery which deals with high-pressure water is going to have a tendency towards maintenance issues. When trouble strikes, it can be tempting to immediately start looking for power washer repair in Cleveland to sort things out.

However, some issues are actually pretty easy to fix.  Others can be avoided through maintenance or other preventative care.  These are some of the tips we give our own customers, to help them maintain their power washers.

Sometimes You Don’t Need Cleveland Power Washer Repair, With These Tips!

1. Clear air in the hoses or stuck valves by running water through

This is the #1 DIY tip for fixing your own power washer.  Often, air will get caught in the hoses, or valves will get stuck due to small amounts of grime in the machinery.  All you have to do is remove the high-pressure hose, then hook up the pressure washer to a garden hose (or similar free-flowing water source) and let the water flow for a few minutes.

Most of the time, this flushes out the system and you’ll be good to go.

2. Pulses are often caused by the hose, not the washer

Are you getting an unsteady stream which pulsates or is otherwise inconsistent?  Check the connected water hose!  A lot of the time the hose has a kink or a blockage which causes an inconsistent flow of water.  The same is true for sudden losses of pressure.


3. Vibrations are often due to weak water pressure

A power washer expects a lot of water to be available, generally in the area of 5-10 liters per minute for smaller washer, and it only scales up from there.  If it’s not getting enough water, that can cause vibrations in the motor.

4. Machine cut-outs are often due to an extension cord

Power washers are high-powered devices, and many “off the shelf” extension cords aren’t rated to handle the amount of current they need.  Also, most cords may not be able to maintain the power flow for distances over 10-15 meters.  Check the power draw for your device then buy a cord to match, and don’t get one that’s too long.


If these tips aren’t helping, then you probably do need power washer repair in Cleveland.  Contact Crown Cleaning Services for top-quality service!