Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Landa Pressure Washer Cleaners

You don’t know it, but you will probably want to visit a Landa Pressure Washer dealer (like us) after reading this post. Our team at Crown Cleaning will discuss five benefits and facts about Landa Pressure Washers and how they can help you clean your business and property.

  1. Innovative Technology and Design

The Landa brand is known worldwide for its innovative approach to its products – including pressure washers. For example, Landa introduced the COOL-BYPASS PUMP system, which keeps the pump from overheating in most uses. For instance, it prevents overheating even if the user forgets to shut off the washer. Landa also utilizes TRU-TRAC TECHNOLOGY which keeps the belt in line with the motor and pump even if the user adjusts the tension. Thanks to the TRU-TITE System, Landa washers are also designed to absorb minor wear and tear on the belts.

  1. Longevity

Moreover, Landa products lead the industry in product longevity. Landa designs and builds its products to operate in the most challenging conditions. Their pressure washers can last for years without loss of performance or efficiency. Indeed, a notable feature of Landa pressure washers is the horizontal heating coil design, steel skid frames, and powder-coated finish.

  1. Safety

Landa pressure washers are CETA Performance Certified CPC-100 Standard and are certified according to CSA B140 Safety Standards. Landa products endeavor to adhere to voluntary industry safety standards wherever possible.

  1. Use-Friendliness

Landa also incorporates user-friendly functions such as the automatic start and stop feature, LANCOM remote, and variable pressure stainless steel wands. Landa provides user-friendly features to the pressure washer, and many can be added with accessories and product options.

  1. Warranty

Finally, Landa offers industry-leading warranties: a five-year warranty for the coil and seven-year warranties for the pump and frame.

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