Proper Power Washer Maintenance Will Save You Plenty in Repair Bills

Power washers are extremely useful cleaning devices in a wide variety of industrial and commercial situations – but the complexity of their machinery means that breakdowns will always be a concern.  You can find a power washer repair shop in Cleveland who can handle any repairs, but that work can be costly.  Preventative care is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Fortunately, there are several parts of a power washer that your own people can monitor and service, if necessary.  Here are a few things to be aware of.

Four Critical Washer Maintenance Tips from A Cleveland Pressure Washer Repair Shop

1. Monitor and change the oil

Power washers’ power comes from an engine, and like all engines, it needs periodic lubrication.  In general, you should check the oil in your power washer after every 50 hours of use.  Neglecting the oil will quickly lead to heat buildup and potential damage to internal components.

2. Check the filters

Pressure washers also rely on several filters, which prevent any contaminants from getting into the engine, as well as helping to stop any water from backflowing.  These filters will need to be periodically cleaned and\or replaced.  In particular, if you’re seeing a drop in water pressure from your washer, check the filters to see if they’re clogged.

3. Be aware of the seals

Several mechanisms within your power washer rely on O-rings to seal connecting parts. Typically, these rings last for years but be aware that they’re there. If you’re seeing leaks from the hose or controls, the O-rings are probably the problem. Most brands use standard O-rings which can be purchased easily.

If you are getting leaks, discontinue usage until they can be fixed.  If any water gets into the engine itself, it can be irreparably damaged.

4. Have a quarterly tune-up

Your local Cleveland pressure washer repair shop isn’t only there for emergencies.  They can also do a quick check-up and tune-up to ensure all the internals are operating properly.  The small fee this costs is well worth it as insurance, preventing any need for major repairs due to break down.

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