Storing & Prepping Your Landa Pressure Washer During the Winter

With the winter and cold here, you need to know how to properly prepare and protect your Landa pressure washer from the freezing and colder temperatures. Without proper winter maintenance and preparation, a pressure washer can be seriously damaged and even break.

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we’re always here to provide guidance on equipment maintenance and more. So, follow these simple steps to make sure you and your pressure washer are ready for when the cold winter weather hits.

How to Store Your Washer

Ideally, you should try to keep your Landa pressure washer in a room or area that is heated. This will prevent any potential freezing of left-over water that still may be in your washer. Since water expands when it freezes, this can cause the pump and other parts to break.

While it may be tempting to leave it in an outside shed, cold winters like we get here in Cleveland will always bring freezing temperatures and cause potential issues for your machine.

Preparing Your Pressure Washer for Winter Hibernation

Piggybacking off the above tip, if you either don’t have a heated area for your washer or will not be using it over the winter, the first thing you should do is fill your float tank with antifreeze (once it is empty of course). Then take off the wand tip and continue to redistribute the antifreeze through your washer until there is nothing left in the tank.Doing this will ensure that your plumbing and pump do not freeze over the winter.

Check your oil levels and add any oil to the engine if needed. Be sure you also add a bit of fuel stabilizer and let the motor run for a few minutes. This will make running your engine in the summer or spring for the first time a bit easier.

Detach the gun and hose, and your Landa pressure washer is ready to hibernate over the winter months.

Landa Pressure Washer Dealers

Crown Cleaning Systems is proud to be your go-to Landa pressure washer dealers in Ohio. We carry top brands in cleaning equipment, rentals, parts, and accessories. If you’re looking for pressure washing chemicals, we also have you covered.

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How to Maintain your Karcher Pressure Washer

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems in Ohio wanted to offer this quick guide on how to properly maintain and care for your Karcher pressure washer.

Prior to Using

The first thing to remember is to always clean your Karcher pressure washer before every use. Debris can build up after each use, so this step is very important. Using a damp rag, also wipe and clean off your Karcher pressure washer parts like springs controls, cooling fins, the muffler, and even the pump and engine. Be certain you also check the pressure hose for any cracks or other damage that could cause leaks.

Another important part to check before use is the inlet screen. Always inspect and remove debris. If you encounter any damage to the screen, be sure to replace it.

Proper Storage During Winter

If you have any water leftover inside of your pressure washer, it can potentially freeze (over the winter) and damage your pump. You can find special pump antifreeze that is made to protect your pump and water from freezing during storage. Also, you can use RV antifreeze that is alcohol-free.

After removing your sparkplug, let the antifreeze cycle in the pump – you can then connect up the spark plug.

Checking the Oil

Just like with a car or lawnmower, your Karcher pressure washer motor will need oil changes. For most pressure washers, you will find a drain plug around the bottom of your unit. Never use oil that has detergent in it since it can cause issues with the pump. Only use SAE 30 oil (non-detergent). While with normal use you may not need to change the oil until the 500- hour mark, it is recommended to periodically check it for dirt, etc.


Whether you’re storing your washer over the winter or will not be using it, you have to release the pressure before storing it. Once you have allowed the motor to idle for about 5 minutes, set the throttle to the slow setting and shut it off as soon as the engine keeps a continuous speed. Then spray the remaining left-over water from your gun until all the pressure is released. You can then detach the gun and hose.

The hose and gun should not be disconnected until they have been depressurized in this manner.

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