5 Best Accessories for Your Pressure Washer

If you’re looking to supercharge your pressure washer’s capabilities, we’ve got you covered. We at Crown Cleaning Systems, a pressure washer dealer, reveal some of the top five accessories that can take your pressure washing game to new heights. From turbo nozzles to surface cleaners, these must-have add-ons will enhance your cleaning efficiency and deliver remarkable results.

Water Broom

Water brooms are handy attachments that you can use with any pressure washer. They are designed to help you clean large areas efficiently. The water broom has a bar with spray nozzles and wheels, making it easy to move around. The water broom comes with a plug that can be quickly connected to your pressure washer, and it usually has three or four fixed spray nozzles, depending on the model you choose. This accessory is perfect for cleaning surfaces like concrete, asphalt, decks, patios, and pool areas.

Flat Surface Cleaners

Flat surface cleaners are an ideal tool for cleaning large surface areas, whether you’re a contractor or just tackling a big cleaning project. With its 360° castors, you can effortlessly glide the cleaner across the surface. The engineering ensures durability even in tough conditions, so you can rely on it for long-lasting operation. This design not only ensures thorough cleaning but also helps conserve water and reduces labor costs significantly.

Downstream Injectors

Downstream injectors are a fantastic tool for quickly and effectively applying detergent at low pressure. These injectors come into action after the pump, ensuring efficient distribution of detergent. The size of the injector is usually matched to the pump you have, and it’s controlled by an orifice. Some injectors even offer adjustability, allowing you to regulate the amount of soap pulled through the hose, gun, and wand.

Telescoping Wands

Telescoping wands are an excellent solution for reaching those hard-to-access areas like roofs, windows, gables, and awnings without the need for a ladder. These wands can extend up to 24 feet, allowing you to reach high places with ease. They are made up of secure sections that can be locked in place using either lever locks or twist locks, ensuring the desired height is maintained. For the longer poles, there is also an optional belt available to help you balance and control the wand’s overall length while you’re washing.

Rotary Spray Nozzle

Rotary spray nozzles are a valuable tool for enhancing your cleaning efficiency. These nozzles create a circular spray pattern by spinning under pressure, providing a wider coverage compared to the narrow zero-degree stream. It’s important to learn how to use the rotary spray nozzle properly and choose the appropriate surfaces to clean with it.

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