How to Troubleshoot the 4 Most Common Pressure Washer Problems

Pressure washers are some of the most effective pieces of cleaning equipment on the market, with the ability to blast away even the toughest residue from any surface. Unfortunately, these machines do not always run perfectly, and it can be extremely frustrating when issues arise.

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems is here to offer 30+ years of experience operating the best pressure washer repair shop in Ohio. Continue reading to learn how you can troubleshoot the top 4 most common pressure washer problems without the help of a professional.

Tips for Troubleshooting the Top 4 Pressure Washer Problems

  1. Abnormal water pressure

If your water pressure appears to be lower than normal or you notice changes in pressure while using the device, there may be a blockage in your garden hose caused by clogging of debris or a kinked tube. The pressure may also be too low because of the type of nozzle being used. Changes in pressure may be due to a damaged pump, which could require replacement parts.

  1. Leaks

If you notice a leak in either the pump, garden hose, or other attachments to your pressure washer, the solution could be as simple as tightening the connections and bolts at the point of leakage. If the problem persists, you may need to call an Ohio pressure washer repair shop to have a professional assess the damage.

  1. Gas engine problems

If you have a gas-powered pressure washer such as the Landa HD Gas Series model, you may run into problems such as low gas, oil drips, or dirty air filters. It is important to regularly clean the device and have the oil replaced in order for the engine to run properly. Operators should also ensure the choke is in the correct position before using the pressure washer.

  1. Electrical issues

If you own an electric-powered pressure washer such as the Karcher K5 Premium model, the motor may stop running properly if the voltage is set too low. It is also important to ensure the machine is plugged into a working electrical outlet. If the motor still does not run after checking these factors, you may need to return it for a new part.

When you rent or purchase a pressure washer from Crown Cleaning Systems, you have the full support of our experienced technicians at your disposal should any issues arise. Contact our pressure washer repair shop in Cleveland, Ohio today to learn more!

How to Select the Right Pressure Washer for Your Mobile Cleaning Business

Mobile cleaning businesses can vary in cleaning equipment and materials depending on the services they offer. If you own a mobile cleaning business, chances are you specialize in a specific type of offering such as truck or home exterior cleaning. In order to get a deep, professional clean, purchasing a pressure washer is imperative. However, it is important to know the different types of commercial pressure washers and find the right one for the surfaces you plan on cleaning.

If you are in the market for a pressure washer to compliment your mobile cleaning business, continue reading to learn everything you need to know from the experts at Crown Cleaning Systems before purchasing one of these powerful machines.

Tips for Selecting a Pressure Washer in Cleveland

Purchase from a reputable dealer

There are many advantages to purchasing a pressure washer from a certified local dealer. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer top-rated products such as Landa pressure washers in Cleveland with unsurpassed warranties on each individual part. Additionally, our technicians are well versed in Landa, Karcher, and other recognized brands, with over 30 years of experience troubleshooting problems. Having the expertise of a highly-regarded local dealer will take your cleaning services to the next level and secure your investment in one of these great machines.

Consider the material you are cleaning

If your cleaning business is responsible for clearing stuck-on grease or grime from large surfaces such as the exterior of a building, you may want to consider a hot water pressure washer. Conversely, cold water pressure washers are great for clearing away easily removable particles such as dirt or dust. Cleveland business owners can purchase Karcher or Landa pressure washers that utilize either cold or hot water from our knowledgeable team.

Be flexible with your offerings

If you are planning on investing money in an expensive piece of cleaning equipment, it is important to consider how your business may change in the coming years and whether your equipment will work for additional services you may offer in the future. A great way to ensure your pressure washer is useful for a range of services is to buy from a brand that is compatible with various accessories and attachments. Landa pressure washers are Cleveland’s top choice for compatibility with a variety of parts and accessories.

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