5 Best Accessories for Your Pressure Washer

If you’re looking to supercharge your pressure washer’s capabilities, we’ve got you covered. We at Crown Cleaning Systems, a pressure washer dealer, reveal some of the top five accessories that can take your pressure washing game to new heights. From turbo nozzles to surface cleaners, these must-have add-ons will enhance your cleaning efficiency and deliver remarkable results.

Water Broom

Water brooms are handy attachments that you can use with any pressure washer. They are designed to help you clean large areas efficiently. The water broom has a bar with spray nozzles and wheels, making it easy to move around. The water broom comes with a plug that can be quickly connected to your pressure washer, and it usually has three or four fixed spray nozzles, depending on the model you choose. This accessory is perfect for cleaning surfaces like concrete, asphalt, decks, patios, and pool areas.

Flat Surface Cleaners

Flat surface cleaners are an ideal tool for cleaning large surface areas, whether you’re a contractor or just tackling a big cleaning project. With its 360° castors, you can effortlessly glide the cleaner across the surface. The engineering ensures durability even in tough conditions, so you can rely on it for long-lasting operation. This design not only ensures thorough cleaning but also helps conserve water and reduces labor costs significantly.

Downstream Injectors

Downstream injectors are a fantastic tool for quickly and effectively applying detergent at low pressure. These injectors come into action after the pump, ensuring efficient distribution of detergent. The size of the injector is usually matched to the pump you have, and it’s controlled by an orifice. Some injectors even offer adjustability, allowing you to regulate the amount of soap pulled through the hose, gun, and wand.

Telescoping Wands

Telescoping wands are an excellent solution for reaching those hard-to-access areas like roofs, windows, gables, and awnings without the need for a ladder. These wands can extend up to 24 feet, allowing you to reach high places with ease. They are made up of secure sections that can be locked in place using either lever locks or twist locks, ensuring the desired height is maintained. For the longer poles, there is also an optional belt available to help you balance and control the wand’s overall length while you’re washing.

Rotary Spray Nozzle

Rotary spray nozzles are a valuable tool for enhancing your cleaning efficiency. These nozzles create a circular spray pattern by spinning under pressure, providing a wider coverage compared to the narrow zero-degree stream. It’s important to learn how to use the rotary spray nozzle properly and choose the appropriate surfaces to clean with it.

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Why Is My Pressure Washer Losing Pressure?

Having your pressure washer lose pressure can be frustrating. Since there is no one thing that can be blamed for this inefficiency, trying to pinpoint the exact cause, and fixing it can prove to be a long and complex process for an amateur. However, experts might not have a similar experience.

Understanding the problem, the experienced technicians of Crown Cleaning Systems have compiled some of the common reasons for lost pressure in washers and tips on fixing them in this blog.

Unclean Discharge Valves

Like any other machine, a pressure washer requires regular cleaning and maintenance to perform optimally. If any part of your pressure washer, like its valves or strainers, is unclean or clogged, its pressure level would be affected. Be sure to always keep your valve assemblies clean and blockage-free to enjoy efficient pressure washing.

Worn Out Nozzles

Old, broken-down nozzles are notorious for depleting the pressure quality of your pressure washer. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed. Just replace the worn-out nozzle with a new one, and it should be fine again. The pressure will be restored to its former glory in no time!

Inlet Plumbing Problem

An inlet plumbing problem essentially means that the air within your pressure washer’s plumbing system is leaking. To fix the leak, you need to disassemble the pressure washer parts, locate, and seal the leak and then reassemble. If you feel the need, call in an expert for pressure washer repairs to get efficient fixes.

Relief Valve Malfunction

Make sure to ensure that your relief valve is clean, adjusted, and free of leaks. Clogging or leakage in this pressure washer part will not only hamper the performance of your washer but it can also potentially damage your relief valve for good which would mean extra expenses in the form of replacement costs.

Slipping Belt

A slipping belt can lead to slipping levels of pressure in your pressure washer. All you need to do to solve this is to tighten or replace the belt as required.

Problem with the Inlet Suction Strainer

Improper sizing or blockage in the parts of your pressure washer can cause pressure loss. Using the correct size of the inlet suction strainers and keeping them clean will help avoid this.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer

A thorough cleaning can bring a world of difference in the appearance of anything you own. Be it a house, walkway, or even a car, everything is subject to collecting dust and stains over time. When it comes to fighting stubborn stains, grime, or even mold and mildew, nothing works better than a pressure wash.

Buying a pressure washer is no easy task. There are several factors you must consider before finding the ideal match for your needs. Here are some of the factors to simplify your decision-making process.

Your Needs

The first and most important factor to be considered before making any purchase is your needs. If you are a homeowner who requires a pressure washer for small, personal cleanups, an axial pump is a good choice. However, if you need a pressure washer for things like washing the siding, paint stripping, or removing mold and mildew, a triplex pump would be best.

Check the Water Pressure and Power Source

Naturally, a pressure washer requires a strong water and power source. Consult your plumber to ensure that you have the required water source for the kind of pressure washer you are looking to buy before you make the purchase. As for the power source, if you choose an electric washer, you would need a circuit of at least 20amps to power it.

Know What Attachments You Need

It may seem like a good idea to buy a range of nozzles, wands, and brushes for your power washer, but you should know what your needs are first. Buying more than what you specifically need can be unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming and is thus best avoided.

Operating and Storing a Pressure Washer

Learn how to operate your pressure washer correctly before using it to get the best results. Also, it is important that you store your washer properly to avoid damaging it by accident.

Check For the PWMA Stamp

A pressure washer bearing the logo of PWMA, or Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association, has been evaluated and approved by that association and can thus be trusted for quality.

Buy the Right Cleaners

Not all cleaners or detergents go with all kinds of pressure washers. Consult an expert to find out which specific detergents will work for your washer and buy accordingly.

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Crown Cleaning Systems Specializing in Custom-Designed Pressure Washer Trailer Vehicles

Cleveland, OH-based pressure washing market leaders, Crown Cleaning Systems are offering clients a broad range of custom designed pressure washer trailer systems for their growing operations. Each trailer product offered by the company is designed by experts with over 25 years’ experience in this field. It’s a service that can help mobile service providers enhance the efficiency of their business and meet growth targets over the coming years. Continue reading

Crown Cleaning Systems: Authorized Commercial Pressure Washer Dealers for Kärcher and Landa

Cleveland, OH-based pressure washing industry leaders, Crown Cleaning Systems are now offering commercial clients access to the latest pressure washer systems from trusted manufacturers such as Kärcher and Landa. As authorized dealers for both Kärcher and Landa, Crown Cleaning Systems offers direct access to globally renowned technology, as well as round-the-clock systems expertise. Continue reading

Crown Cleaning Systems Offers Mobile Pressure Washer Products and Reclamation Systems from LANDA

Mobile Pressure Washers
Cleveland, Ohio-based leaders for a unique selection of commercial cleaning products and services, Crown Cleaning Systems is offering clients access to a full selection of mobile washing and reclamation systems. The company’s latest catalogue addition includes the LANDA ECOS, a mobile pressure washer designed to help companies meet environmental objectives while decreasing spending by claiming, filtering and recycling dirty water with one unit.

Cleaning firms, including commercial specialists, municipal services providers and building service contractors, need the latest pressure washer solutions in order to reduce expenditure within their operations.  These companies must also be able to offer responsive cleaning systems that can be easily transported from location to location without wasting time. One of the newest solutions to help companies meet these objectives is the LANDA ECOS, now available through Crown Cleaning Systems.

As a full-service LANDA dealer, Crown Cleaning Systems is able to offer clients a full range of LANDA products and repair services. The addition of the LANDA ECOS to the firm’s inventory means they’re now able to help clients conform to the newest federal and state water-usage and environmental regulations. In addition to helping companies reduce expenditure and meet environmental requirements, the LANDA ECOS mobile washing system is designed for superior safety using many redundant components such as a high temperature shutdown and a rupture disk.

It’s a system that also supports cleaning flexibility. Operators will find switching between detergent wash and rinse modes is faster and easier than ever before through the use of the LANDA ECOS’s insulated spring-loaded trigger gun, and a variable pressure wand. A complete range of superior quality cleaning equipment is now available for today’s cleaning industry leaders at Crown Cleaning Systems. To learn more about the company and their inventory, please contact their offices directly.

Reduce Pressure Washer Repair Turnaround Times with Crown Cleaning Systems’ Factory-Trained Technician Repair Service

Pressure Washer Repair Service by Factory-Trained Technicians
Cleveland, OH-based waste water treatment experts Crown Cleaning Systems are providing clients with direct access to the industry’s leading repair expertise for their immediate pressure washer repair needs. The company’s service objective is to help clients reduce the amount of time it takes to repair their equipment. They meet this objective by providing access to one of the industry’s largest vehicle fleets and service trucks that deliver a complete range of parts and accessories for fast, effective on-site maintenance.

Today’s commercial leaders are committed to continuously improving their in-house productivity. And they can only meet this evolving target by making best use of their available maintenance equipment. When a company’s maintenance equipment suffers from a parts failure or mechanical breakdown, they are often forced to delay production as they wait to ensure their equipment is clean before they begin processing. This means maintenance system repairs must be completed quickly and professionally by an organization who understands their importance within the commercial environment.

Crown Cleaning Systems’ pressure washer repair technicians have great experience within the industry. They’ve worked with many unique systems from manufacturers such as Karcher, Landa and Water Maze, and are therefore able to respond with effective repair solutions for even the most challenging equipment maintenance work. Companies across Cleveland, Ohio now have the Crown Cleaning Systems fleet at their disposal, ready to respond at a moment’s notice to pressure washing systems issues. It’s the professional repair service today’s industrial leaders depend upon.

To learn more, please contact Crown’s service department directly.

Crown Cleaning Systems Helps Companies Reduce Pressure Washer Parts Procurement Costs with Complete Repair Service

Cleveland, Ohio-based brand leader for cleaning equipment sales, repairs and technical advice, Crown Cleaning Systems continues to offer a fast turnaround repair solution. The company’s repair service combines quick access to hard-to-find pressure washer parts and a team that understands the latest technology to ensure a seamless repair service.

Organizations depend on their pressure washer systems to ensure that their equipment is clean and safe for use. For example, many transportation companies across Cleveland have integrated pressure washing equipment within their facility to ensure that transit systems perform flawlessly. This dependence upon the latest pressure washer equipment means that companies must have a responsive service for those inevitable times when their cleaning system suffers a malfunction. This is an area in which Crown Cleaning Systems has long been a trusted brand leader.

The Crown Cleaning Systems service provides businesses with that sense of relief in knowing that an accredited organization is responsive to their unique equipment requirements. The company offers pressure washer repair solutions for all the leading brand name equipment, including Landa, Karcher, and Water Maze models. Crown Cleaning Systems also has one of the largest repair fleets in Northeast Ohio and can meet any demands for pressure washer parts, no matter how new or old the client’s equipment.  It’s the type of service that can help organizations consolidate their repair costs and improve their business performance.

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Crown Cleaning Systems Now Offer a Full Range of Pressure Washer Accessories

Cleveland, OH-based experts for a full range of pressure washer solutions, Crown Cleaning Systems are now offering the latest pressure washer accessories on the marketplace. The company’s newest selection of accessories includes equipment such as their turbo nozzles, which offer high impact cleaning over wide surface areas.

Today’s large industrial firms require the latest pressure washer technology to ensure that their systems are performing to optimal standards. Pressure washer systems form a crucial part of day-to-day maintenance processes and so companies are now integrating the latest solutions from the leading industry manufacturers in order to improve their facility safety and performance.  To optimize the performance of their technology, firms require specific equipment additions that will offer superior results for their unique on-site applications. And it’s for this reason that many businesses now turn to Crown Cleaning Systems for highest quality pressure washer accessories.

An example of the latest addition to the company’s accessories catalogue are their full array of turbo nozzles from manufacturers such as Karcher. The company’s turbo nozzles can help cleaners to quickly remove stubborn dirt from industrial machines. The unique design of the turbo nozzles means they can help companies reduce the amount of time it takes to clean their large spaces through a high impact water jet that offers wide spray surface.  It’s just one of the many newest accessories available through the experts at Crown Cleaning Systems.

To learn more about the great range of accessories now offered by the industry leaders at Crown Cleaning Systems, please contact Crown today.