Guide to DIY Power Washer Repair

While you might need professional power washer repairs once your power washer stops working, it can be possible to fix minor malfunctions and issues with some simple DIY tricks. Yes, even if you are not a pro like our team at Crown Cleaning Systems, you can still use our quick guide to get your power washer running in no time.

So, while it’s always smart to call us for repairs, here are a few things you can try to see if you can get your power washer working again.

Prep is Key Before Starting

Ensure that all power washer parts and connections are completely dry and away from water. Also, make sure you put on rubber gloves and boots before starting. It never hurts to be extra careful while working with electrical appliances. These steps may seem obvious,but they can be lifesaving in the event of a mishap.

Inspection and Repairs

  • Lack Of Pressure from Your Washer

Without the proper pressure, no matter how much you use your pressure washer, you will not get the desired results. To get the required pressure, tighten all your connections.This may fix any leaks that might be occurring.

  • Power Washer Shutting Off Repeatedly

There are two possible reasons for this. The first one may be that your motor is generating more power than the machine can hold. When you turn on the motor of your power washer, it generates a lot of pressure inside the machine. Since the machine, in itself, cannot hold a lot of pressure without releasing it, you have to pull the trigger and keep it pressed for it to function. If you fail to do this, the machine will turn itself off to protect the pump from the pressure.

Another reason for this problem could be the water supply. Every machine has its unique minimum water supply requirement to function. If your power washer is not getting the water it needs, it may shut off. You can solve this power washer problem by simply getting a thicker hose or using a different tap.

  • Water Supply Cutting Off

To solve a problem with the water supply, first make sure there are no kinks, turns, or holes in the hose. You should also check the faucet for leaks and the nozzle for blockages. If it is one of these problems, a simple rearrangement, replacement, or cleaning will solve it.

Get Professional Power Washer Repair Near You

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