A Guide to the Best Degreaser Chemicals for Pressure Washing

A degreaser can help remove oil, grease, and dirt from surfaces. The unique value of each product can offer means it’s important to carefully select the right degreaser for your specific needs. Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems has many years of experience working with degreasers and helping our clients choosing pressure washing chemicals. Let’s review the process of choosing the best degreaser.

Three Tips for Choosing a Degreaser

ü  Consider the formulation

The formulation and the unique components of the degreaser play a vital role in the results you’ll achieve. Ensure the degreaser has a residue-free formula that protects the surface coating. A residue-free formula can also help you to use less of the degreaser over time, reducing your facility maintenance costs considerably. The formula should also be created to ensure a highly evaporative degreaser, so that it dissipates quickly and limits the leftover contaminants after cleaning.

ü  Maintain the safety of the environment

Another consideration when evaluating degreasers is the safety of your working environment. What impact will the degreaser have on your team and on your facility when in use? For example, find out if the degreaser is flammable and has a low flash-point. This could make the product more dangerous to use in facilities with open-flame equipment. What type of protective equipment must be used with the degreaser? It’s always recommended that your teams use protective gloves and masks and avoid contact with the skin. The working area should also be well ventilated to avoid chemical irritation of lungs and nostrils.

ü  Review the application requirements

In the event you’re selecting a degreaser for concrete cleaning, the pressure washing chemicals should be alkaline in composition. While the cleaning of transportation equipment, such as heavy-duty trucks, requires careful review of the product’s flammability and safety in enclosed spaces. Working with our trusted team at Crown Cleaning Systems can help you to ensure you get the best in pressure washing chemicals. We can review your application and choose from the latest options to ensure you select the right product for your application demands and needs.

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