The Health Benefits of Infrared Heaters in Cleveland

Are you looking for a way to heat your garage, shop, or other environment which is effective, energy-saving and good for you?  Infrared heaters in Cleveland might be the answer!  Infrared heat has benefits that no other form of shop heater can match, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular option everywhere.

How Does Infrared Heat Work?

Infrared is a form of energy wave, related to light but with a bit longer wavelength – it’s just below our eyes’ ability to see.  However, infrared light is produced by many sources, including the sun, and it’s a wonderful natural source of heat.   Infrared energy warms you directly, infusing your body and other objects with warmth.  This makes it a much easier and more efficient way of heating, compared to traditional heater systems which use huge amounts of energy heating the air.

Because of this, infrared heaters:

  • Begin to work almost instantly
  • Require less power
  • Heat more evenly

However, that’s just the start of their benefits.  They can also bring many health benefits as well!

Infrared Heaters in Cleveland Are Healthy

Now, a lot of people make claims about infrared heaters which may not be true.  Stories about how they “make you feel energized,” for example, have simply not been demonstrated by science.  It might be true, but so far, the evidence isn’t there.

However, even then, there are plenty of very real health benefits.

1. Better for those with allergies or asthma 

Because infrared heat doesn’t rely on blowing air around, that’s good news for people with sensitive noses!  There’s less dust and other contaminants swirling around your room, making it easier to breathe.

2. Discourage mold and mildew

Traditional heaters will do nothing to stop mold, mildew, and similar contaminants from growing.  If there’s a wet spot near a traditional heater, mold will love it.  However, infrared heaters will dry out nearby objects.  Mold and mildew, of course, need damp conditions.  Infrared prevents this.

3. Improve blood flow and circulation

Infrared heat mimics the heat from the sun that our bodies expect.  Being exposed to infrared heat encourages better circulation, and that translates directly to a sense of well-being.  Hospitals even use infrared to warm babies in need of comfort!

If you want to learn more about infrared heaters in Cleveland, Crown Cleaning Systems is here!  Contact us with your questions.