Four Power Washer Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

If you’ve been running a power washer for a while, it may start getting a bit finicky. Any piece of machinery which deals with high-pressure water is going to have a tendency towards maintenance issues. When trouble strikes, it can be tempting to immediately start looking for power washer repair in Cleveland to sort things out.

However, some issues are actually pretty easy to fix.  Others can be avoided through maintenance or other preventative care.  These are some of the tips we give our own customers, to help them maintain their power washers.

Sometimes You Don’t Need Cleveland Power Washer Repair, With These Tips!

1. Clear air in the hoses or stuck valves by running water through

This is the #1 DIY tip for fixing your own power washer.  Often, air will get caught in the hoses, or valves will get stuck due to small amounts of grime in the machinery.  All you have to do is remove the high-pressure hose, then hook up the pressure washer to a garden hose (or similar free-flowing water source) and let the water flow for a few minutes.

Most of the time, this flushes out the system and you’ll be good to go.

2. Pulses are often caused by the hose, not the washer

Are you getting an unsteady stream which pulsates or is otherwise inconsistent?  Check the connected water hose!  A lot of the time the hose has a kink or a blockage which causes an inconsistent flow of water.  The same is true for sudden losses of pressure.


3. Vibrations are often due to weak water pressure

A power washer expects a lot of water to be available, generally in the area of 5-10 liters per minute for smaller washer, and it only scales up from there.  If it’s not getting enough water, that can cause vibrations in the motor.

4. Machine cut-outs are often due to an extension cord

Power washers are high-powered devices, and many “off the shelf” extension cords aren’t rated to handle the amount of current they need.  Also, most cords may not be able to maintain the power flow for distances over 10-15 meters.  Check the power draw for your device then buy a cord to match, and don’t get one that’s too long.


If these tips aren’t helping, then you probably do need power washer repair in Cleveland.  Contact Crown Cleaning Services for top-quality service!


Pressure Washer Mistakes to Keep in Mind

After putting so much effort into finding the perfect pressure washer, it’s easy to forget that repairs and maintenance are just as important. Even the most top-of-the-line model can experience wear and tear, and our pressure washer repair shop team knows this all too well. If you want to minimize the money you spend on repairs and keep your washer running well into the future, there are a few mistakes that you need to understand to avoid falling victim to them.


Using Only Water


Many homeowners make the mistake of not using any chemicals to help the pressure washing process. Although water might seem like an environmentally friendly choice, it comes with many downsides. For example, it will make some areas exponentially harder to clean, increase the amount of pressure needed to clean, and spread mold spores that continue to grow even after everything dries out.


Not Starting It Regularly


Although pressure washers aren’t used often, they’re invaluable when they’re needed. For this reason, it’s important to give yours some attention between jobs to keep it in use. Instead of letting it sit in your garage collecting dust, make it a habit of starting it up every few weeks, especially during the winter. Make sure you re-winterize the unit if starting using in the winter to prevent freeze damage.  This will minimize the number of times you need to bring it to a pressure washer repair shop.


Ignoring Regular Maintenance


In addition to starting it up, general maintenance is crucial for keeping your pressure washer in peak shape during long periods when it’s not needed. Remember: this is an internal combustion engine, which requires regular maintenance to perform optimally.


Be sure to check…


  • Oil
  • Spark plugs
  • Filters


Using Old Gas


Never run your pressure washer when it’s filled with old gas that has been sitting in the tank for years. Although you might think you’ll save money by using every last drop, this is a great way to destroy your engine via old, separated gasoline.


Crown Cleaning Systems Can Help


If you’re ever unsure about the state of your washer, want an expert opinion, or just don’t have the time to conduct repairs yourself, seek out a reputable repair shop.  Even an occasional trip can save you tons of money on things like Landa pressure washers and Karcher pressure washer parts. Regardless of what you need, always remember to give your model the much-needed attention it deserves.


With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to offering top-of-the-line commercial and industrial pressure washers, our pressure washer repair shop team at Crown Cleaning Systems knows how to keep your machine working. As authorized dealers of leading manufacturers with a focus on customer service, we’ll ensure that you get what you need.


Contact us today at (216) 341-6000 for a quote for repairs or a custom-built product.

Landa Pressure Washers Are A Great Way to Keep Your Building Looking Great

As the years roll on, it can become difficult – and costly – to maintain the exterior of your building.  Numerous environmental factors, from weather erosion, oxidation, to bird droppings, all work to wear away at the exterior, and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a professional and welcoming appearance.   

Fortunately, pressure washing your exterior with Landa pressure washers can quickly undo months or even years of built-up grime on your building.  Better yet, regular pressure washing is an excellent way to prevent decay and save yourself on maintenance down the line.  There are a lot of benefits to using Landa pressure washers to maintain your building!

Four Big Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Building

1 – Prevent repairs

Many of the materials which will build up on your building’s exterior aren’t merely ugly – they’re also harmful.  Mold, algae, acidic bird droppings, and more will all slowly eat away at your facade, sidewalks, statues, and other features.  High-pressure Landa cleaners can quickly and easily clear out all these harmful types of buildup, preventing more damage from occurring.

2 – Clean deep into nooks and crannies

Any building exterior is going to be covered with tiny cracks, holes, and other hard-to-reach spaces that can be quickly filled with harmful buildup.   Industrial pressure washers are some of the only cleaning options that can reliably clean out all these nooks and crannies!  The high-powered water sprays can reach into even the tiniest gaps.

3 – Quickly remove graffiti 

Some call it “street art,” but your customers and VIPs probably aren’t so open-minded if they see a gigantic “tag” on the side of your building.  Graffiti can be costly and difficult to remove – but a Landa pressure washer paired with the right graffiti remover can blast it away within minutes.  All but the toughest forms of spray paint can be removed via pressure-washing.

4 – Keep nearby spaces clean as well

If your building is pristine, but all the sidewalks look filthy, it’s still going to reflect poorly on your building – even if the sidewalk is technically the city’s problem.  But why fret?  Pressure washing can clean off nearby roads and sidewalks so quickly that there’s no reason not to clean them at the same time the rest of your building is being cleaned.

Get the Best in Cleaning Equipment from Crown Cleaning Systems

For over 30 years, Crown has proudly provided Landa pressure washers and other industrial cleaners to Ohio!  Contact us to discuss your options.


Proper Power Washer Maintenance Will Save You Plenty in Repair Bills

Power washers are extremely useful cleaning devices in a wide variety of industrial and commercial situations – but the complexity of their machinery means that breakdowns will always be a concern.  You can find a power washer repair shop in Cleveland who can handle any repairs, but that work can be costly.  Preventative care is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Fortunately, there are several parts of a power washer that your own people can monitor and service, if necessary.  Here are a few things to be aware of.

Four Critical Washer Maintenance Tips from A Cleveland Pressure Washer Repair Shop

1. Monitor and change the oil

Power washers’ power comes from an engine, and like all engines, it needs periodic lubrication.  In general, you should check the oil in your power washer after every 50 hours of use.  Neglecting the oil will quickly lead to heat buildup and potential damage to internal components.

2. Check the filters

Pressure washers also rely on several filters, which prevent any contaminants from getting into the engine, as well as helping to stop any water from backflowing.  These filters will need to be periodically cleaned and\or replaced.  In particular, if you’re seeing a drop in water pressure from your washer, check the filters to see if they’re clogged.

3. Be aware of the seals

Several mechanisms within your power washer rely on O-rings to seal connecting parts. Typically, these rings last for years but be aware that they’re there. If you’re seeing leaks from the hose or controls, the O-rings are probably the problem. Most brands use standard O-rings which can be purchased easily.

If you are getting leaks, discontinue usage until they can be fixed.  If any water gets into the engine itself, it can be irreparably damaged.

4. Have a quarterly tune-up

Your local Cleveland pressure washer repair shop isn’t only there for emergencies.  They can also do a quick check-up and tune-up to ensure all the internals are operating properly.  The small fee this costs is well worth it as insurance, preventing any need for major repairs due to break down.

Turn To Crown Cleaning For Expert Pressure Washer Repair In Cleveland

We have over 30 years’ experience providing top-quality sales and service for power washers in Cleveland, as well as other cleaning systems.  Click here to schedule an appointment!


Maintenance & Cleaning Tips from Leading Pressure Washer Repair Shop

When it comes to your pressure or power washer, keeping it properly maintained will prevent costly repairs and parts replacement, as well as extend its lifespan. As one of the area’s leading power washer repair shops, the team from Crown Cleaning Systems have learned some surefire cleaning and repair tips over the years we want to share with you.

To avoid issues with your power or pressure washer, here are some helpful hints.

1. Keep Clean  

To give your power washer a thorough cleaning, you’ll need something that can cut through the dirt and grime that’s collected on its exterior components. For this reason, using a brush with tough bristles is recommended. Doing so will help you make certain all of the parts on its exterior receive a detailed cleaning and no dirt lingers that could spur on rust growth.

2. Use a Sander

For more stubborn spots of dirt and grime, it may be necessary to use a sander to properly clean them. You can scrape away dried dirt with a piece of sandpaper or other tools to prevent paint decay and rust from moving in.

3. Oil Parts Properly

Your power or pressure washer is made up of a variety of metal components that require oil to function properly. When cleaning yours, be sure to also apply the right amount of oil to parts like the crankshaft and engine. If you have any questions about what type of oil your machine needs, refer to the owners manual or contact a local pressure washer repair shop.

4. Change Oil as Needed

Because the engine and pump of your pressure or power washer requires oil, it also needs to be changed occasionally. The power washer repair shops near you will likely recommend doing so at least once a year or every 50 hours of accumulated usage.

Looking for a ‘power washer repair shop near me?’ Call Crown Cleaning Systems!

For professional maintenance and parts replacement, Crown Cleaning System is your one-stop-shop. We also specialize in infrared heaters and wastewater treatment equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

The Many Benefits of Landa Pressure Washers

In order to ensure the swift and comprehensive cleaning of their industrial equipment and flooring, many firms are now turning to the highest quality pressure washers in the marketplace. In our latest post, we’re explaining more about the benefits that Landa pressure washers can bring to your facility.

Precise control

Complex cleaning work requires the operator to maintain precise control over the pressure washer. The latest Landa pressure washers are built with wireless remote control of the system within 300 feet, ensuring that teams retain complete control over their unit.

Comprehensive safety

Each Landa pressure washer is built with comprehensive safety features to ensure issues with electrical performance and other hazards don’t impact the facility and the operator. The company has won awards for the level of safety provided by its high-performance equipment.

Built to UL-1776

Because the team at Landa commits to the UL-1776 standard within their manufacturing work, customers can rest assured each system is designed for safe and consistent performance within their facility. It’s the level of professional consistency that has helped Landa become one of the leading brands in the marketplace over many decades.

Designed for durability

One of the leading challenges many companies face in using industrial pressure washers is longevity. The team at Landa has worked tirelessly to overcome this challenge and provide some of the most durable pressure washers in the marketplace today. One innovation within Landa pressure washers is the company’s Cool Bypass system, which is designed to route superheated water to avoid pump damage and ensure the system remains in peak condition for the years to come.

Work with Crown Cleaning Systems for the latest Landa products

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems offers a full range of Landa pressure washers for sale. We work with Landa to ensure our clients are supported over the long-term, providing authorized maintenance services and repair work within a consolidated timeframe. We’re available around the clock to guide you in answering your pressure washer questions and choose the right equipment for your facility. To discover more about Landa pressure washers and their benefits, call today.

The Health Benefits of Infrared Heaters in Cleveland

Are you looking for a way to heat your garage, shop, or other environment which is effective, energy-saving and good for you?  Infrared heaters in Cleveland might be the answer!  Infrared heat has benefits that no other form of shop heater can match, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular option everywhere.

How Does Infrared Heat Work?

Infrared is a form of energy wave, related to light but with a bit longer wavelength – it’s just below our eyes’ ability to see.  However, infrared light is produced by many sources, including the sun, and it’s a wonderful natural source of heat.   Infrared energy warms you directly, infusing your body and other objects with warmth.  This makes it a much easier and more efficient way of heating, compared to traditional heater systems which use huge amounts of energy heating the air.

Because of this, infrared heaters:

  • Begin to work almost instantly
  • Require less power
  • Heat more evenly

However, that’s just the start of their benefits.  They can also bring many health benefits as well!

Infrared Heaters in Cleveland Are Healthy

Now, a lot of people make claims about infrared heaters which may not be true.  Stories about how they “make you feel energized,” for example, have simply not been demonstrated by science.  It might be true, but so far, the evidence isn’t there.

However, even then, there are plenty of very real health benefits.

1. Better for those with allergies or asthma 

Because infrared heat doesn’t rely on blowing air around, that’s good news for people with sensitive noses!  There’s less dust and other contaminants swirling around your room, making it easier to breathe.

2. Discourage mold and mildew

Traditional heaters will do nothing to stop mold, mildew, and similar contaminants from growing.  If there’s a wet spot near a traditional heater, mold will love it.  However, infrared heaters will dry out nearby objects.  Mold and mildew, of course, need damp conditions.  Infrared prevents this.

3. Improve blood flow and circulation

Infrared heat mimics the heat from the sun that our bodies expect.  Being exposed to infrared heat encourages better circulation, and that translates directly to a sense of well-being.  Hospitals even use infrared to warm babies in need of comfort!

If you want to learn more about infrared heaters in Cleveland, Crown Cleaning Systems is here!  Contact us with your questions.

A Guide to the Benefits of Custom Pressure Washer Trailer Systems for Cleveland Businesses

Working with an expert in the design of custom pressure washer trailer systems can help minimize the amount of time and expense involved in building a custom unit. These systems offer long-term value to companies throughout the industries, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight our guide to the benefits of the custom pressure washer trailer to the Cleveland business owner.

Operational flexibility

When you gain access to custom pressure washer trailer products, you’ll achieve a higher level of operational flexibility. Your team will be able to work within a range of environments using a pressure washer trailer unit that has been uniquely designed for a full range of applications. For example, one of the main challenges many have is finding a pressure washer trailer that can be used in tight factory spaces, a custom system can be created so that teams can work within confined areas easily and complete effective cleaning work using the highest quality pressure washers.

Lightweight performance

One of the reasons so many are now looking for custom pressure washer trailer systems for their Cleveland businesses is they don’t have the manpower to move large pressure washers throughout their facility. The leading pressure washer trailers can be optimized for lightweight performance. This is a significant consideration for small businesses trying to compete with their larger counterparts. It allows the organization to have access to a pressure washer trailer that any individual can operate within their daily duties.

Working productivity

With access to a pressure washer trailer system that has been customized for their company, firms can greatly increase their working productivity. They won’t be restricted to specific local areas. They’ll be able to travel with their pressure washers and offer their services to companies throughout the region while limiting the amount of time each job takes. It’s how many leading companies are now expanding their operations across their local spaces.

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems can build a customized pressure washer trailer for your Cleveland firm. To discover more about our products, call us today.

The Advantages Of Mobile Pressure Washers In Cleveland, Ohio

Renting mobile pressure washers in Cleveland, Ohio increasingly makes sense for a number of businesses because of the advantages they offer, starting with the obvious cost-effectiveness of renting versus owning. Using these washers makes it easier for you to have a cleaner workspace, takes up much less cleaning time and enhances overall productivity. Here are some of the other advantages and top models to choose from.

Advantages of Mobile Pressure Washers

You save money when you rent a mobile pressure washer in Cleveland, Ohio because you don’t have to pay any of the overhead expenses related to purchasing washing equipment. You don’t have to spend on training staff to use these washers, and you don’t have to worry about any maintenance costs. Using these washers to clean your own vehicles only makes them more fuel-efficient too. This, in turn, improves driver productivity and enhances your own company’s image. Among the other advantages offered by mobile pressure washer cleaners are savings on time and compliance with environmental laws, because they use earth-friendly cleaning solutions and waste management methods.

Choosing A Pressure Washer

When you look for a mobile pressure washer in Cleveland, Ohio, the kind of cleaning you need it for should be the first thing that defines your choice. You can use an electric washer of 1000 to 1900 psi that is compact and lightweightfor home use, for instance, or one with 3000 to 4000 psi for more professional jobs.

Top Models From Crown Cleaning Systems

Crown Cleaning Systems has long been a preferred choice for any mobile pressure washer rental in Cleveland, Ohio, on account of the fact that we are authorized dealers of reputed brands like Karcher commercial pressure washers and Landa commercial pressure washers, and offer the widest range of systems available in the market today. When you choose Karcher, you get cold or hot water high-pressure washers with your choice of electric motor, gasoline or diesel driven engines and oil, natural gas or liquid propane-fired burner systems. As for Landa washers, the entire product line is certified to rigid UL-1776 safety standards and internationally recognized ISO-9001 quality standards, with a variety of safety devices built into every piece of equipment in order to provide maximum protection to the operator.

Get Mobile Pressure Washers In Cleveland

If you’re looking for top quality mobile pressure washers, Crown Cleaning Systems in Cleveland has everything you need. Contact us today for more information on rentals, our range of cleaning systems, or an industrial pressure washer demonstration.

5 Excellent Reasons To Consider A Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer In Cleveland, Ohio

Pressure washer trailers are commonly chosen for the fact that they reduce one’s time and effort spent on a job. They offer top performance, are extremely durable, and result in significant savings. They are also environment-friendly, on account of the fact that they consume a lot less water which, in turn, reduces operational expenses. If you are considering a pressure washer trailer in Cleveland, Ohio, here are five excellent reasons why you should talk to Crown Cleaning Systems today.

You Get Expertise

When you speak to industry experts in Cleveland, Ohio, you get the opportunity to custom design your pressure washer trailer. You also get a bigger say in the design and setup of your system and can upgrade your current pressure washer trailer or meet any other needs in a cost-efficient manner.

You Get Guarantees

Crown Cleaning Systems in Cleveland, Ohio, offers pressure washer trailers and other products backed by over 30 years of industry experience. You get absolute value for money, competitive pricing and a great return on your investment.

You Get Attention

Personalized attention for every client is another important factor while considering a pressure washer trailer in Cleveland, Ohio. You also get access to the perfect system put together by a team of experts, and Crown Cleaning Systems is an authorized pressure washer dealer for top manufacturers Karcher and Landa.

You Get Customer Service

Crown Cleaning Systems, a trusted name in Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio since 1986, offers exceptional customer service for uninterrupted performance. The company sells and services commercial pressure washers and industrial floor cleaners, and also tailor-makes systems to meet a diverse range of applications. Schedule a trailer pressure washer demonstration to find out more.

You Get Value For Money

Competitive pricing always enhances your bottom line, which is why Crown Cleaning Systems in Cleveland, Ohio, makes a valuable business partner. If you’re looking for a tailor-made pressure washer trailer that is built to deliver years of performance, efficiency, and savings, talk to our team and we can help jumpstart your mobile cleaning operation. We also offer a full line of pressure washer detergents.

 Pressure Washer Trailers In Cleveland, Ohio

If you’re looking for high-quality pressure washer trailers in Cleveland, Ohio, Crown Cleaning Systemshas everything you need. Contact us today for more information on rentals, as well as our range of cleaning systems.