5 Tips for Using a Karcher Pressure Washer

Karcher has earned its place as one of the leading pressure washer brands in America. For any large piece of machinery, it is important to know how to use it safely and properly to get the best clean out of your Karcher pressure washer and all its parts.

To help make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of five important tips for using your Karcher pressure washer.

1. Use the appropriate settings for the job

Although the Karcher pressure washer is fairly easy to set up, once you have plugged it into a power outlet and connected the washer to the gun, it is important to get familiar with the settings.

By pressing the plus and minus symbols, you can increase and decrease the water pressure. For wood and pavement, you may want to use the highest setting to get rid of stuck-on grime. For a more delicate surface like the outside of your car, you may want to use a lower setting.

Accessories such as turbo nozzles will add even more pressure. These Karcher pressure washer parts can be found at our Cleveland, Ohio, store location.

2. Add detergent for a thorough clean

Many stores that sell Karcher pressure washers in Ohio will also sell parts and detergents to add to a thorough clean. Pick up a detergent such as Dyna-Shine or Low Foam Force for your car, patio or whatever other surfaces you want to freshen up.

3. Prevent your pressure washer from switching on by accident

A Karcher pressure washer is a powerful cleaning tool, which means you must always be in control of it so that it does not cause damage. Your Karcher pressure washer comes with useful parts such as the safety latch, which will stop it from turning on when you are not using it. However, it is always best to turn the machine off entirely when it is not in use.

4. Wear protective clothing

Operators of this powerful machine should cover themselves with heavy-duty clothes and footwear such as sturdy rubber boots. This will help prevent injuries caused by the extremely high water pressure.

5. Be aware of your surroundings

Before using your Karcher pressure washer, make sure that no one is around you, and there are no delicate objects in the way. To keep small children safe, it is always best to ask them to stay in another area of your home while you use your pressure washer.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer has the power to remove stuck-on grime quickly and easily, revealing a surface that looks brand new. Unfortunately, many homeowners wind up wasting money on an expensive pressure washer that lands them in a Cleveland repair shop after just a few uses.

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems has put together a list of four things that buyers should consider before purchasing a pressure washer.

1. How it works

A pressure washer uses a motor or an engine to turn a pump, which then pushes the water at a high velocity through a small opening. This creates enough pressure for the stream of water to remove stubborn grime off of a surface. The key to this process is the amount of pressure that the machine produces. If the engine or motor in your pressure washer breaks, you will have to take it to a pressure washer repair shop in Cleveland.

2. Terminology

It is important for buyers to understand the terminology that is used to describe the amount of power and water pressure that the machine will be able to produce.

Similar to a car engine or motor, pressure washers have a certain amount of “horsepower,” which will tell you the amount of power that this machine employs.

“Pounds per square inch,” or PSI is another measurement that tells the buyer how powerful the machine is.

“Gallons per minute,” or GPM is a term that tells the buyer the amount of water that is released per minute, and therefore the amount of pressure that is applied.

“Cleaning power units” is a term that summarizes the amount of power produced by the PSI and the GPM by multiplying the two amounts. Buyers should look at the individual numbers, however, to get a more complete understanding of the machine’s cleaning power.

3. What accessories you might need

A pressure washer cannot operate without the proper accessories. Nozzles, detergents, extensions, and gutter cleaning accessories will help you perform tasks that are specific to your needs. Take note of the tasks you will be using this machine for before heading to a pressure washer shop.

4. The differences between industrial and home pressure washers

Buyers should be realistic about the tasks that they need a pressure washer for, and how often they will use it. Homeowners do not normally need a heavy-duty gas engine, or a belt drive in their pressure washer, as these are features of an industrial level pressure washer.

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A Guide to Finding the Best Detergent for Your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a powerful cleaning tool, but many models will only perform to the best of their ability when paired with high-quality pressure washing chemicals. Before searching for the best detergent for your pressure washer, owners of these machines are advised to ensure that their pressure washer uses detergent to avoid damaging the machine.

The experts at Crown Cleaning Systems have created the perfect guide to finding the best pressure washing chemicals for the task at hand.

  1. Research the surface you plan on cleaning

Different surfaces will require different detergents to get the best possible clean. For example, a metal surface may require an anti-rust chemical solution such as High-Image. In contrast, a concrete surface will require more of a heavy-duty cleaner such as Solv-O-Way.

2. Avoid using bleach in your pressure washer

Bleach can be an effective cleaning solution for many surfaces when used properly. However, bleach can also be an extremely harmful chemical for the inside of your pressure washer to combat. Avoid pouring bleach directly into the pressure washer cavity to prevent breakdowns.

3. Consider the type of debris that you are trying to remove

In addition to researching the surface that you plan on cleaning, you must consider the type of debris you want to clean to find the best chemicals to help your pressure washer remove it. For example, on aluminum and other metal surfaces, you may be dealing with grease that can only be removed by a degreaser such as Strike.

4. When pressure washing a car, use the same detergent you regularly use to clean it

To get a professional-looking clean, car owners often use pressure washers to remove excess grime. If you plan on using a pressure washer to clean your car, simply mix an effective car wash concentrate such as Dyna-Shine with water to avoid a buildup of excess foam. Make certain it’s on a lower setting to avoiding damaging your exterior paint job.

5. For a cost-effective solution, make your own detergent

Many people try to avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals and spending money on expensive store-bought detergents. If you prefer to use a homemade solution, recipes for pressure washing detergents can range from a simple water and vinegar mix to a more complex solution of laundry detergent and other household ingredients.

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4 Tips for Repairing Your Karcher Pressure Washer

The Karcher pressure washer is a powerful cleaning tool when it runs properly. However, pressure washer owners should always be prepared for potential problems.

Whether you are dealing with damage to various parts of the machine or a faulty electrical source, the experts at Crown Cleaning Systems have provided Ohio residents with four tips for troubleshooting your Karcher pressure washer.

  1. Store your pressure washer properly

An improperly stored pressure washer during the cold months in Ohio can lead to  serious damage. Before putting your Karcher pressure washer in storage, ensure that all parts have been removed. This will make it easier for you to clear out any excess water that remains inside the machine, to avoid freezing and subsequent damages.

  1. Check the water pressure

If your Karcher pressure washer is not receiving adequate water pressure, one of the parts may need to be repaired. A common sign of low water pressure is when the machine begins to vibrate. The fix for this problem could be as simple as turning your water on properly or untangling a hose. However, if the machine still does not seem to be working well, you may need to inspect the hose for leaks and obstructions. If the hose appears to be in good condition, it’s also worth inspecting the nozzle for dirt that may be blocking the flow of water.

  1. Beware of blockage in your hose and other attachments

If parts of your Karcher pressure washer such as the bypass valves or hose seem to be pulsing, this may be another sign of blockage or an improperly uncoiled hose. If coiling does not appear to be the source of the problem, inspect each attachment for materials that may be causing blockage, disconnect the Karcher pressure washer from its electrical source, and clean all parts by running water through the hose and washing the accessories with warm water.

  1. Ensure that it’s properly connected to an electrical power source

Your Karcher pressure washer may be cutting out while you are trying to use it because it’s losing electrical power. If you have an extension cable attached to the machine, ensure it is no longer than 13 meters or it will not be able to secure an adequate connection.

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Pressure Washers: Should You Buy or Rent?

Ohio residents who are looking for a powerful cleaning tool often find it difficult deciding whether to buy a pressure washer or explore rental options. There are several factors that will determine whether you will be better off buying or renting a pressure washer.

The team at Crown Cleaning Systems has provided a list of things to consider when looking into the pressure washer options in Ohio.

A variety of cleaning models

Ohio residents who are considering pressure washer rental options for their commercial or residential space will have the advantage of variety. Renting one of these machines means that you will not have to commit to a single pressure washer model.

Pressure washer models from companies such as Crown Cleaning Systems range from gas to electric power sources, as well as various levels of pressure, sizes, and water temperature. Rental options will allow you to capitalize on different types of cleaning for various jobs. The cleaning specialists at Ohio’s Crown Cleaning Systems can provide expert advice and a convenient delivery service for each pressure washer rental so that you are prepared for every cleaning job.

Fluctuating prices

While variety is a great advantage to pressure washer rental in Ohio, customers will be subject to various price points depending on a few factors. Different cleaning jobs will require various lengths of rental time and specific machinery to get the best clean. This means that the total price will likely change each time you rent, depending on your needs.

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we’re committed to finding cost-efficient options that will fit into your budget. However, for those who prefer the peace of mind that comes with paying a single price and owning the machine, buying may be a better option.

Constant access

Ohio residents should consider how often they plan on using their pressure washer, and whether it may always be more practical to have one on hand. Regardless of your skill level, the team at Crown Cleaning Systems is happy to provide instructions and demonstrations, so that you can properly use your pressure washer.

If you do not have a constant need for a pressure washer, however, rental options may be more suitable, as the knowledgeable team at Crown Cleaning Systems will be able to recommend a device that is best for the task at hand each time you rent.

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A Guide to the Best Degreaser Chemicals for Pressure Washing

A degreaser can help remove oil, grease, and dirt from surfaces. The unique value of each product can offer means it’s important to carefully select the right degreaser for your specific needs. Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems has many years of experience working with degreasers and helping our clients choosing pressure washing chemicals. Let’s review the process of choosing the best degreaser.

Three Tips for Choosing a Degreaser

ü  Consider the formulation

The formulation and the unique components of the degreaser play a vital role in the results you’ll achieve. Ensure the degreaser has a residue-free formula that protects the surface coating. A residue-free formula can also help you to use less of the degreaser over time, reducing your facility maintenance costs considerably. The formula should also be created to ensure a highly evaporative degreaser, so that it dissipates quickly and limits the leftover contaminants after cleaning.

ü  Maintain the safety of the environment

Another consideration when evaluating degreasers is the safety of your working environment. What impact will the degreaser have on your team and on your facility when in use? For example, find out if the degreaser is flammable and has a low flash-point. This could make the product more dangerous to use in facilities with open-flame equipment. What type of protective equipment must be used with the degreaser? It’s always recommended that your teams use protective gloves and masks and avoid contact with the skin. The working area should also be well ventilated to avoid chemical irritation of lungs and nostrils.

ü  Review the application requirements

In the event you’re selecting a degreaser for concrete cleaning, the pressure washing chemicals should be alkaline in composition. While the cleaning of transportation equipment, such as heavy-duty trucks, requires careful review of the product’s flammability and safety in enclosed spaces. Working with our trusted team at Crown Cleaning Systems can help you to ensure you get the best in pressure washing chemicals. We can review your application and choose from the latest options to ensure you select the right product for your application demands and needs.

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The Difference in Performance Between the Best Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Chemicals

When considering how to clean your company’s equipment and facility, you generally have two options: soft washing and pressure washing. Learning the difference between the two options can help you maintain your facility more effectively.

Let’s explore the differences between the best pressure washing chemicals and soft washing options.

Pressure washing uses power

One of the key differences between pressure washing and soft washing chemicals is that pressure washing applications use power to remove the dirt and grime from machinery and other surfaces. The pressure washing system pumps out water at up-to 4000 PSI, which ensures that dirt and other contaminants lodged in the machinery can be removed through sheer force. This is ideal for applications in which dirt has been allowed to settle over many months or even years. The best pressure washing chemicals and machinery are often used to clean surfaces in an industrial facility, as a way to ensure that there are no safety hazards in the surrounding area for workers to slip or trip on.

Soft washing uses chemicals to clean the surface

Another key difference is in the application of the chemicals within the best pressure washing and soft washing applications. In soft washing processes, it’s the chemicals that take on the brunt of the cleaning work. Soft washing chemicals are used to deep clean surfaces and to eradicate bacteria and other contaminants to ensure the workplace is clean. While this might not be effective when cleaning heavy machinery, it may be suitable for more delicate processes such as cleaning tools or working with newer technology that has a specialized cleaning requirement.

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Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems has many years of experience in offering pressure washing technology and pressure washing repair services. We understand the challenges our clients face in maintaining their facilities and we can offer quality solutions that provide lasting value to the organization. We can help you to decide which equipment offers the best performance for your cleaning requirements.

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Four Power Washer Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

If you’ve been running a power washer for a while, it may start getting a bit finicky. Any piece of machinery which deals with high-pressure water is going to have a tendency towards maintenance issues. When trouble strikes, it can be tempting to immediately start looking for power washer repair in Cleveland to sort things out.

However, some issues are actually pretty easy to fix.  Others can be avoided through maintenance or other preventative care.  These are some of the tips we give our own customers, to help them maintain their power washers.

Sometimes You Don’t Need Cleveland Power Washer Repair, With These Tips!

1. Clear air in the hoses or stuck valves by running water through

This is the #1 DIY tip for fixing your own power washer.  Often, air will get caught in the hoses, or valves will get stuck due to small amounts of grime in the machinery.  All you have to do is remove the high-pressure hose, then hook up the pressure washer to a garden hose (or similar free-flowing water source) and let the water flow for a few minutes.

Most of the time, this flushes out the system and you’ll be good to go.

2. Pulses are often caused by the hose, not the washer

Are you getting an unsteady stream which pulsates or is otherwise inconsistent?  Check the connected water hose!  A lot of the time the hose has a kink or a blockage which causes an inconsistent flow of water.  The same is true for sudden losses of pressure.


3. Vibrations are often due to weak water pressure

A power washer expects a lot of water to be available, generally in the area of 5-10 liters per minute for smaller washer, and it only scales up from there.  If it’s not getting enough water, that can cause vibrations in the motor.

4. Machine cut-outs are often due to an extension cord

Power washers are high-powered devices, and many “off the shelf” extension cords aren’t rated to handle the amount of current they need.  Also, most cords may not be able to maintain the power flow for distances over 10-15 meters.  Check the power draw for your device then buy a cord to match, and don’t get one that’s too long.


If these tips aren’t helping, then you probably do need power washer repair in Cleveland.  Contact Crown Cleaning Services for top-quality service!


Pressure Washer Mistakes to Keep in Mind

After putting so much effort into finding the perfect pressure washer, it’s easy to forget that repairs and maintenance are just as important. Even the most top-of-the-line model can experience wear and tear, and our pressure washer repair shop team knows this all too well. If you want to minimize the money you spend on repairs and keep your washer running well into the future, there are a few mistakes that you need to understand to avoid falling victim to them.


Using Only Water


Many homeowners make the mistake of not using any chemicals to help the pressure washing process. Although water might seem like an environmentally friendly choice, it comes with many downsides. For example, it will make some areas exponentially harder to clean, increase the amount of pressure needed to clean, and spread mold spores that continue to grow even after everything dries out.


Not Starting It Regularly


Although pressure washers aren’t used often, they’re invaluable when they’re needed. For this reason, it’s important to give yours some attention between jobs to keep it in use. Instead of letting it sit in your garage collecting dust, make it a habit of starting it up every few weeks, especially during the winter. Make sure you re-winterize the unit if starting using in the winter to prevent freeze damage.  This will minimize the number of times you need to bring it to a pressure washer repair shop.


Ignoring Regular Maintenance


In addition to starting it up, general maintenance is crucial for keeping your pressure washer in peak shape during long periods when it’s not needed. Remember: this is an internal combustion engine, which requires regular maintenance to perform optimally.


Be sure to check…


  • Oil
  • Spark plugs
  • Filters


Using Old Gas


Never run your pressure washer when it’s filled with old gas that has been sitting in the tank for years. Although you might think you’ll save money by using every last drop, this is a great way to destroy your engine via old, separated gasoline.


Crown Cleaning Systems Can Help


If you’re ever unsure about the state of your washer, want an expert opinion, or just don’t have the time to conduct repairs yourself, seek out a reputable repair shop.  Even an occasional trip can save you tons of money on things like Landa pressure washers and Karcher pressure washer parts. Regardless of what you need, always remember to give your model the much-needed attention it deserves.


With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to offering top-of-the-line commercial and industrial pressure washers, our pressure washer repair shop team at Crown Cleaning Systems knows how to keep your machine working. As authorized dealers of leading manufacturers with a focus on customer service, we’ll ensure that you get what you need.


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Landa Pressure Washers Are A Great Way to Keep Your Building Looking Great

As the years roll on, it can become difficult – and costly – to maintain the exterior of your building.  Numerous environmental factors, from weather erosion, oxidation, to bird droppings, all work to wear away at the exterior, and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a professional and welcoming appearance.   

Fortunately, pressure washing your exterior with Landa pressure washers can quickly undo months or even years of built-up grime on your building.  Better yet, regular pressure washing is an excellent way to prevent decay and save yourself on maintenance down the line.  There are a lot of benefits to using Landa pressure washers to maintain your building!

Four Big Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Building

1 – Prevent repairs

Many of the materials which will build up on your building’s exterior aren’t merely ugly – they’re also harmful.  Mold, algae, acidic bird droppings, and more will all slowly eat away at your facade, sidewalks, statues, and other features.  High-pressure Landa cleaners can quickly and easily clear out all these harmful types of buildup, preventing more damage from occurring.

2 – Clean deep into nooks and crannies

Any building exterior is going to be covered with tiny cracks, holes, and other hard-to-reach spaces that can be quickly filled with harmful buildup.   Industrial pressure washers are some of the only cleaning options that can reliably clean out all these nooks and crannies!  The high-powered water sprays can reach into even the tiniest gaps.

3 – Quickly remove graffiti 

Some call it “street art,” but your customers and VIPs probably aren’t so open-minded if they see a gigantic “tag” on the side of your building.  Graffiti can be costly and difficult to remove – but a Landa pressure washer paired with the right graffiti remover can blast it away within minutes.  All but the toughest forms of spray paint can be removed via pressure-washing.

4 – Keep nearby spaces clean as well

If your building is pristine, but all the sidewalks look filthy, it’s still going to reflect poorly on your building – even if the sidewalk is technically the city’s problem.  But why fret?  Pressure washing can clean off nearby roads and sidewalks so quickly that there’s no reason not to clean them at the same time the rest of your building is being cleaned.

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