How Hoses and Pump Repair Kits Help Keep Your Cleaning Business on Track

Cleaning businesses of all kinds rely on pressure washers to operate. Ideally, your pressure washer will run optimally for years without any need for repair. However, unfortunately, that is not always the case, regardless of the quality of your cleaning equipment. In the event of an emergency, it is important to have a repair kit along with additional hoses at the ready so that business can continue as usual.

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we pride ourselves on being recognized as the best pressure washer repair shop in Ohio. Here we have provided a few reasons why we recommend buying extra hoses and a comprehensive pump repair kit to keep with you at all times during cleaning services.

Why Cleaning Businesses Should Carry a Pump Repair Kit and Multiple Hoses

A variety of hoses will serve multiple functions

There are many different hoses, which can be attached to your pressure washer for specific cleaning purposes. From turbo nozzles to general surface cleaners, all pressure washer accessories serve different functions and should be used accordingly to avoid damage or overuse. You can find a variety of unique hose fittings at our top-rated Ohio pressure washer shop. By having backup hose attachments, you will be able to continue a cleaning job even if one of your hoses becomes damaged.

High-pressure systems may overwhelm your hose

Pressure washers pump water at a staggering rate, however that does not mean that all models can handle the same temperature or level of water pressure. Selecting a hose that is an appropriate length for the water pressure you plan on using is a good way to avoid these types of damages. However, if you notice lower than normal water pressure, your repair kit will help you address associated problems such as belt slippage, stuck valves, and other issues.

Certain chemicals can damage the hose

Having a variety of washing chemicals on hand is a great way to tailor your cleaning services to a specific task, however, it is not uncommon for operators to make the mistake of using the wrong chemicals. Certain hose attachments may deteriorate from overuse of a powerful cleaning chemical such as Strike. Having a repair kit and spare hoses on hand is important when using heavy-duty cleaning materials.

Cleaning business owners can prepare for any situation with the right equipment on hand. Contact our pressure washer repair shop today to learn more about repairing or replacing damaged equipment.