Warning Signs to Look for When Your Pressure Washer Needs Repair

Whether you rely on your pressure washer to maintain a presentable place of business or you simply require a pressure washer to clean up around the house, it is important to know the signs to watch out for when high-pressure washer repairs are needed. By tackling small problems when they first arise, pressure washer owners can avoid causing further damage to their machinery.

Do you regularly use a pressure washer? Don’t let a serious problem catch you by surprise. At Crown Cleaning Systems, our team is committed to giving you all the information you need so that you know when to call a technician for a pressure washer repair service.

Indicators That a High-Pressure Washer Repair Service Is Needed

  • Insufficient water pressure

When your pressure washer is clogged, you may notice a reduction in water pressure. Whether there is a slight change in water pressure or barely any remaining pressure at all, this should be taken as a signal that repairs are urgently needed. By calling a professional for help, you will be able to find the root of the problem and clear any blockages within the hose, valve, or anywhere else in the unit.

  • Disruptions in service

Once your pressure washer is powered on, it should run smoothly throughout the entire cleaning process. If your pressure washer appears to start and stop erratically, there could be a problem with your fuel tank or ventilation system. Often this is caused by an inability to release air properly. This can easily be remedied by a professional if it is handled at the first sign of a problem. Otherwise, the system may break down due to prolonged ventilation problems.

  • Leakage

Not only is water leakage frustrating and bad for the environment, but it can also cause serious damage to your high-pressure washer if the leak is not repaired in a timely fashion. A leak can occur in any part of your pressure washer. Check the seal, nozzle, hose and pump for openings or call a technician to assess the damage before it worsens.

  • Unable to turn on the machine

When your pressure washer refuses to start, it is usually a sign of a more technical issue than a leak or other easily detectable problems. This could be caused by a faulty spark plug, coil, or another electrical element. Fixing these types of problems can be dangerous and should therefore be done by a professional.

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