The Key Differences Between Power Washers & Pressure Washers

Are you looking for a piece of high-powered cleaning equipment to remove stubborn dirt and residue from your property? The two most effective machines for tough cleaning jobs are pressure washers and power washers. Unfortunately, most people do not know the difference between these machines, which can result in an inadequate clean.

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we specialize in pressure washers from top brands like Karcher. Our team understands the importance of having the best equipment for the job. Continue reading to learn the main differences between pressure washers and power washers.

Pressure Washers Vs. Power Washers

  • How do the machine components differ?

Power washer and pressure washer parts are very similar, which is one of the reasons why many people believe they are synonymous. The key difference between these two systems is the temperature of the water that is used during washing. Power washers utilize hot water whereas pressure washers use water that remains at a moderate temperature. This difference gives each system the ability to clean a variety of unique surfaces.

  • What are the best uses for each system?

Both power washers and pressure washers are powerful pieces of equipment that can be used to clean some of the most stubborn messes. Using a variety of jet nozzles and cleaning solutions, pressure washers can clean vehicles, building facades, patio furniture, concrete, and more.

Power washers can clean the same types of surfaces as pressure washers;however, the added benefit of hot water is often useful for stained surfaces. Power washer operators should also consider the danger of using hot water on painted or treated surfaces that could be destroyed at high temperatures.

  • What are the necessary precautions for each piece of equipment?

Both pressure washers and power washers are extremely powerful machines that should be used with a few precautions in mind. First, we recommend buying power and pressure washer parts from trusted brands in Ohio such as Karcher or Landa. Buying from reputable brands will ensure that you have full customer support and guidance every time you use your high-powered washer. If you are not sure how to use your equipment correctly, we also recommend hiring a professional to complete your cleaning service. Lastly, look for a reliable pressure washer repair service to ensure your equipment is working properly and is not at risk of breaking down during a cleaning job.

Contact us today if you are looking to buy or rent a pressure washer in Ohio.

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