Our Cleveland Experts Present: 5 Tips for Effective Pressure Washer Repair

Whether you run your own cleaning company or you’re using a pressure washer on site, it’s important your cleaning products are working to peak performance around the clock. Our Cleveland experts have decades of experience in handling pressure washer repair work, and in this latest post, we’ll explain our five tips for effective pressure washer repair.

  1. Note changes in pressure

When you begin to experience low or overly high pressure, it’s important that you immediately take your system to the repair team. This could indicate a system problem with the machine and could turn a short cleaning job into a waste of a day.

  1. Cool you unit down      

If you’re experiencing repair issuea in regards to your burner note you should always shut the burner off and run unit until water temperature cools down. Turning your unit prematurely with the burner on can damage major components and also cause excessive scale build up inside the coil.

  1. Never use old gasoline

For gasoline powered pressure washer, it’s important that you avoid older gasoline that has been sitting in the facility for sevehttps://zimbra.dbsinet.com/zimbra/h/search?si=1&so=0&sc=1939&st=message&action=view&xim=1ral years. Older oil and gasoline can clog engine parts and cause significant damage to your pressure washer over time. Simply make sure you’re using new products when powering your system.

  1. Partner with a professional repair company

When you experience a pressure washer repair issue, it’s important you work with a Cleveland company that can offer comprehensive guidance on the problem. A professional company can help to ensure the repair work is completed safely and effectively, to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure, also that the company is familiar with your model of pressure washer before the repair work begins.

  1. Avoid DIY mistakes

Many companies try to go it alone on pressure washer repair. But this can be a complex process that requires the guidance of an expert. Try not to make any changes to the system during inspections and avoid DIY mistakes that could lead to extensive damage and costly repair work.

The team at Crown Cleaning Systems is here to guide you in managing all pressure washer repair issues. To discover more on our repair services, call us today!