Crown Cleaning Systems Announces Signs You May Need Professional Pressure Washer Repair in Cleveland

Crown Cleaning Systems has announced three signs that your pressure washer may require professional repair services.

Cleveland, OH – November, 2016 – Crown Cleaning Systems, a trusted provider of waste cleaning systems and pressure washer repair in Cleveland, has announced the three signs that indicate a problem with your pressure washer that requires a trained specialist to repair.

Pressure washers are a huge investment for businesses and maintaining them is important to prolonging their life, and ensuring perfect results. Over time, parts can become worn out and need replacing or repair. Here are the three signs you should look for that show a repair is in order.

  • Low Pressure – When not caused by a steep uphill grade or improper nozzle, low pressure could be caused by broken, worn out, or slipped plungers and belts.
  • Running Roughly – When your pressure washer is running rough, it could be as simple as the water being too hot, or it could be a damaged crankcase, which requires professional pressure washer repair in Cleveland. 
  • Leaking Water or Oil – Leaking of both oil and water are likely caused by broken seals, which can be easily replaced. Other problems may also cause leaking, and should be evaluated by a professional. 

Crown Cleaning Systems maintains a large fleet of well stocked service vehicles and an experienced, factory-trained staff of expert power washer repair technicians. They pride themselves in providing quick turnaround to get their customers back up and running as soon as possible. 

To learn more about how to tell if a pressure washer needs servicing, or to request a repair appointment, please contact Crown Cleaning Systems directly.

About Crown Cleaning Systems

Crown Cleaning Systems, founded in 1986, has spent the past 30 years providing expert pressure washer and waste cleaning system services. Their experienced technicians are thoroughly trained in new and older models, and they strive to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


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