Crown Cleaning Systems Offers a Quick Guide to Selecting an Industrial Pressure Washer

Selecting an industrial pressure washer can be a challenging process for those without significant experience within the pressure washing marketplace. There are many models available, each offering unique features and benefits and so it’s important to consult directly with a specialist to identify suitable industrial pressure washer products for your firm’s unique applications. In this post, our experts provide their quick guide to selecting industrial pressure washer products.

Consider the Type of Cleaning

The type of cleaning you’ll be completing and the object you’ll be cleaning are critical elements when choosing an industrial pressure washer. All pressure washers fall into two basic categories: hot and cold pressure washers. Hot water pressure washers are suitable for cleaning grease and grime with precision, and that’s why they’re often chosen by mechanics for cleaning vehicle parts. Cold pressure washers are suitable for blasting away caked-on mud and soil on building surfaces.

Consider the Cleaning Location

The location in which your teams will be completing their cleaning work is another important consideration when selecting pressure washer products. If the cleaning work is to be completed indoors, and using hot water pressure washers, you’ll be restricted to using electrical systems. For outdoor cleaning work with a hot water system, you’ll be able to use diesel to heat the water while still having access to indoor sources of power such as electricity and natural gas. Many outdoor pressure washer users are now working with gasoline-powered systems that heat the water with diesel. This type of setup has numerous economic benefits for outdoor pressure washing applications.

The Importance of Cleaning Duration

The duration of your cleaning work plays a significant role in the industrial pressure washer you’ll choose. That’s because, if you’re going to be cleaning for a long period of time, it’s important to invest in high quality models that require limited maintenance and are designed for exceptional year-round performance. For companies that are only completing as little as five hours of washing work per work, the more cost-effective models may offer a superior return on investment.

Trust the Specialists at Crown Cleaning Systems

At Crown Cleaning Systems, we have decades of experience within the pressure washing marketplace. Our team has a comprehensive understanding on the unique benefits of the latest pressure washing products from brands such as Kärcher and Landa and we’re able to help you pinpoint that perfect system for unique applications. It’s a commitment to service that means you’ll have access to the best minds in the business when you select your product from our company selection.

To discuss potential pressure washer options with a specialist today, contact our office team directly at (216) 341-6000