Four Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are a great way to keep cozy and have been used for generations on job sites, and for large areas and other places warm. At Crown Cleaning Systems, we offer a full range of Val6 infrared heaters in Cleveland. Here are some reasons to invest and use one of our systems.

Why You Should Use an Infrared Heater

  • Energy-Efficient & Quiet

Unlike some other heating systems, infrared systems actually warm people or other objects, as opposed to simply blowing hot air. This action is similar to how the sun works and it will not make the air drier and is much more cost-efficient when compared to other options.

Since there are no air-source heat pumps like in some other heating options, infrared systems create little to no noise since nothing needs to be pumped out.

  • Very Safe

These heaters can be used almost anywhere, from worksites to farms to large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. One of the reasons they are so versatile is because they are so safe to use in any environment. . Also, the infrared rays that are emitted by them are very low, making them safe for daily use.

  • Easy to Use & Maintain

Since the heaters are just plug-and-go, they are very easy to operate and move easily from jobsite to jobsite. They are also easy to maintain due to their efficiency. They even come with a tune up kit. Another great aspect is the fact that they don’t use air filters that would need regular cleaning and replacement.

Basically, one thing that would need to be cleaned is the fuel nozzle and fuel filter, and our team at Crown Cleaning Systems can always help if you are unsure about this or any other process.

  • Val6 Infrared Technology

Thanks to their patented and exclusive technology, Crown Cleaning Systems’ some of our Val6 heaters can run inside without having to connect an exhaust like one would have to do when operating a traditional gas heater. With a range of models, Val6 has a heater for every use and job site.

Crown Cleaning Systems in Cleveland

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