Pressure Washer Rentals in Cleveland – Terms & Conditions

In renting pressure washer products from a local Cleveland rental facility, your team should take the time to learn the terms and conditions of the rental service. Learning the terms and conditions will help you make more effective decisions on the type of rental your team requires. In this guide, we’ll explain more on the terms and conditions for our Cleveland pressure washer rental services.

Minimum One Day Rental

We have a minimum rental period of one day. This minimum rental period is ideal for those companies with a significant but short-term project that requires a rental pressure washer with high-performance levels. There is no maximum rental period and so we can build an agreement that allows companies to rent equipment for as long as the equipment is required within their facility. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

We Can Train Your Team

The company’s rental service includes the training of staff to use the pressure washer rental products within their Cleveland facility. This training helps ensure the team are using the pressure washer correctly and helps minimize potential errors that may result in damage to the facility. We can also provide recommendations on performance and safety for specific cleaning tasks. This service is complimentary with the equipment rental.

Pick Up and Delivery Available

As part of our comprehensive rental service, we can provide pick up and delivery of the pressure washer system to clients throughout Cleveland. This helps drive the convenience of the process for the client and ensures they can simply use the product and wait for our team to pick it up once the rental period is over. Our team communicate with clients throughout this process to let them know when we will arrive at their facility. The process helps to limit the costs involved for the client and ensures they can remain as productive as possible while gaining access to quality cleaning equipment.

Let Crown Cleaning Systems Help

Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems is here to guide you on the full range of pressure washer rental services available. To discover more about the company and our commitment to service excellence, call today!

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