Do You Need to Order Replacement Pressure Washer Parts?

If you suspect that you may need replacement pressure washer parts, there are a few important things that you should know before purchasing them from top brands in Ohio such as Karcher or Landa. Our team at Crown Cleaning Systems is dedicated to offering the best power washer repair parts near you.

Below we have prepared a few important pieces of information regarding pressure washer replacement parts, that all power washer owners should know.

How to Know if You Need Pressure Washer Repair Parts

1. Know your pressure washer model

Before looking into pressure washer parts, it is important to identify the particular model number of your machine and communicate it to pressure washer repair experts. At Crown Cleaning Systems, our technicians are well versed in all major power washer brands and boast over 25 years of experience replacing parts and adding accessories to these machines. Depending on the brand of your pressure washer, you will need specific parts for it to run properly. You will also need to communicate whether you have a gas or electric machine so that you do not wind up with the wrong parts.

2. Check the ON/OFF switch

If you are experiencing problems with your power washer and it is failing to power on, check to ensure that the ON/OFF switch is switched on. All pressure washers should also have a reset button, which should be your next option after checking to make sure the machine is on. If these buttons are not working, you may need to have them replaced by a professional.

3. Check your circuit breaker

If your pressure washer is not working properly, it is not necessarily an issue with the pressure washer itself. Before searching for replacement pressure washer parts in Ohio, check your circuit breaker to ensure it is properly engaged and you are not having an electrical problem. If this is the case, you may need to disconnect your power washer and contact an electrician. For a temporary solution, we offer mobile pressure washers and rental equipment.

4. Make sure the system is not clogged

If your pressure washer is clogged with wastewater, Crown Cleaning Systems offers a top-rated water filtration system that will clear the entire system out. You may also want to look for alternative pressure washing chemicals for future cleaning jobs.

If you are looking to order replacement pressure washer parts in Ohio, contact us today!

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